Kleptomania symptoms and treatment

What Is Kleptomania - Kleptomania symptoms and treatment

Kleptomania is a psychological disorder that affects the lives of people.Therefore, the treatment must be individual.

What Is  Kleptomania ?

Playback kleptomania is a disease, but it’s not stealing kleptomania. This is a disease, psychological disorder, known as. This disease is classified as an impulse control disorder. In general, the unauthorized taking of an object is regarded as.

kleptomani belirtileri ve tedavisi - Kleptomania symptoms and treatment

The unauthorized retrieval or object without the need of material without any intention to sell the action as is condition. The situation is different in thefts. It needs people with the idea of reselling and because it robs the object. So it is the same situation with theft kleptomania.

kleptomani belirtileri ve tedavisi 002 - Kleptomania symptoms and treatment

Kleptomania is a disease not common in Turkey. In America usually are not uncommon.Kleptomania by the restraint of the person, the situation with pick up an object. Did this action even though at most times do not consciously stop yourself.

What Are The Symptoms Of Kleptomania?

Kleptomania symptoms of disease remains the same way. People usually request comprises a playback. For these people, they stole the monetary status of the object is not important.Request the playback is continuous. In an attempt to play a head in all circumstances.Always request to play in attempts to steal leads. The playback state is a one-time event.

kleptomani belirtileri ve tedavisi 007 - Kleptomania symptoms and treatment

They are doing this condition is frequently patients with kleptomania. A constant object they are stealing people. Usually they are stealing objects of the same type. It is not important whether the stolen object would work. Playback status is made consciously. This situation of happiness and Jun hear. Afterwards they didn’t steal claim. Even say that they are paid even money.

  • Request continuous playback
  • You attempt to play
  • Repeated playback actions
  • Objects of the same type always playing
  • Conscious playback
  • Don’t deny it
  • An object the happiness of hearing the Rings

The Causes Of Kleptomania

Kleptomania impulse control disorder is referred to as. This system is a combination of different other disorders of impulse control. Kleptomania it is observed that the biggest factor in stress disease. Kleptomania disease generally upper socio-economic level seen in people.Different reasons for stress out of this disease arise. The person himself usually resides on the group level and may cause you to feel.

kleptomani belirtileri ve tedavisi 003 - Kleptomania symptoms and treatment

In this case, a person’s rise from lower level to upper level and their rise with the feeling that the level of belonging to emerge. Stay between the two groups of people living and contradiction is the situation, and this situation is a cause for kleptomania. In addition, in childhood this condition is observed in people who didn’t get enough love from their parents.

kleptomani belirtileri ve tedavisi 004 - Kleptomania symptoms and treatment

The factors that causes this disease cases occurred within the family. In addition, it has received much attention and has not been accepted by the environment in cases the cause of this disease. Constant failures in your life life situations gives rise to illness kleptomania.

Kleptomania is experienced with Situations

  • Depression
  • Obsessions
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Personality Disorders
  • Dissociative Disorders
  • Eating Disorders
  • Compulsive Shopping

Kleptomania Is Seen As A Result Of Which Diseases?

  • Epilepsy
  • Brain Atrophy
  • Dementia
  • Some tumors
  • Some medicines

The Treatment Of Kleptomania

Kleptomania is not a common disease. It is possible to treat this disease. Important in the treatment of kleptomania, which is the cause of the disease and the degree. Kleptomania is the disease underlying psychological causes should be investigated.

kleptomani belirtileri ve tedavisi 005 - Kleptomania symptoms and treatment

Therefore, we first must understand the degree should be determined and the cause of the disease. Then, treatment should be initiated. Psychological treatment is applied in the treatment of kleptomania. These dynamic psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy methods should be applied.

kleptomani belirtileri ve tedavisi 006 - Kleptomania symptoms and treatment

This method of treatment is necessary to eliminate the causes of disease of the first person of kleptomania. If this is the situation then therapy dynamic psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy in the treatment method can be applied. Finally, the method of hypnosis must be applied.



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