Leaked Galaxy Note 9 price and hardware options

Galaxy Note 9 fiyat ve donanim özellikleri - Leaked Galaxy Note 9 price and hardware options

Leaked Galaxy Note 9 price and hardware options

Leaked Galaxy Note 9 price and hardware options

Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy Note 9, on August 9 will be introduced. Promotion as the date nears, the Galaxy Note 9 – related information keep coming. Leaked Galaxy Note 9 price and hardware options.

9 Galaxy Note‘s are there, the Galaxy Note 9 the latest information about keep coming. 9 Samsung Galaxy Note, which was said to be the most expensive model and hardware model, the price of the options, it seemed.

Galaxy Note 9 price and hardware options, color options appeared in the brochure that is for certain. In Indonesia, the global Price Forecast the price of the model.

9 color options Galaxy Note

Mystic BlackEngineered,Blue, and Copper Artisan global Galaxy Note, which will have 9 color options black, blue, and copper colors waiting for you.

Galaxy Note 9 price and hardware options!

Galaxy Note 9, at 128 GB , and 512 GB models will be available with two different internal memory. The difference in internal storage options, RAM is reflected, yet I have no information on the net, but I could imagine it wouldn’t be a difference in RAM. Because Samsung’s note and S series that follows is not a strategy.

128 GB Galaxy Note 9 of the model in Indonesia the price 13.500.000Indonesian rupiah The is seen as. This provision 936 512 GBof Samsung Galaxy Note 9 version $ reward 1214 dollars .


So, 128 GB , and 512 GB between the 200 dollar difference will be the Galaxy Note 9 of the model x iPhone model, as in America, it would come with a price tag of 1000 dollars I can say that.

Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S3 by Samsung will be available through the gear and TV opportunities, such as opportunities. Let’s see how these opportunities will be reflected in our country?

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