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lilac flover - Lilac flower
Lilac flower characteristics and ecological requirements
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That yadirgarim my place, you don’t give me this much water in a week is not chichewa saying which bends I sulk lilac leaves. This beauty is able to hide behind modesty, a charming flower. Once the area will easily fall in love with the smell. It is interesting and durable.

  • Often lilacs bushes and shrubs as they appear. At most a length of 3-4 meters .
  • Clusters of lilac flowers with the form of a unique color and usually pink, red, purple and shades of Magenta. Chichewa has the same color tone hydrangea flowers, as in the acidity of the soil is associated with.
  • Lilac plants sheds their leaves during the winter months Yesil. This need to be protected from the aphids of the leaves.
  • If you want to train lilac moist soil. Lilac her outside too much soil does not distinguish between.
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    Lilac plants against extreme weather conditions resistant. Against very cold and very hot weather they can survive. So, both the desert climate in both the -40% reaching the coldness they could live in.

  • Water-loving plants should be thoroughly watered especially in the summer. How durable though after a certain point, dehydration may result in the termination of the activities of the plant life. If dry during summer days, water every day if you are lucky to be able to thank you lilac it will provide you with your fragrant flowers.
  • More troublesome non lilac plant with lots of sunlight and would prefer to live in places. However, even if not enough sun continues to open. So adjust to the shadows.
  • Lilacs planted as a fence sometimes. For this very frequent intervals, and you must sew them together.
  • Each plant also as lilac should be pruned regularly. Fading flowers and dry branches from the plant clean is very important in the formation of new flowers. If he’s not picking up the lilac flower pruning may be insufficient if the reason for this.
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The lilac blossom should be considered budarke; the passage of time of flowering should be expected. As soon as it ends after the flowers in full flower, prune by cutting from the bottom of the first leaf. Flowers to bloom before pruning, you shouldn’t this can cause harm. While pruning, thin flowering branches and shoots can also prevent you budarsa.


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Lilac Is Replicated How?

You have a lilac flower in your hand of course, if you want to replicate it. Because of this unique scent should be spread as much as possible, and demonstrate the beauty isn’t it? – Lilac when it opens if you say beautiful flowers in the spring -mostly – exhibits to be grown lilacs can be grown in the greenhouse during the winter months if desired.

Lilac spring begins to make itself felt in the moment to take position in order to display the beauty begins. Flowering remains insistently until spring.

Then let’s see how lilac blossom is replicated in answer to the question.

Primarily we can say that there are many methods you can use to replicate the lilac. The first of these, Of course, tohum from replication. In your home or in your garden from plants, lilac seeds , you can get. The summer heat is low when the seeds are collected at the beginning of October or the month of October towards cimlendirili and rested for a bit with the New Year and seeds can be planted.

They’ll often banished from the roots of the lilacs. For this reason, the allocation of exilealso lilac are often among the preferred replication methods. You can use this separating the fresh shoots.

Replication is another method that can be applied to raising lilac steel. This is the best time for this is winter.The lilac tree was planted when? There is no need to wait for the ground to be planted in imported steel. Winter can be planted in directly. If chichewa is a seedling or tree from the market if you are buying for bread, you don’t need to wait for the winter season. As you receive your garden or planting pots you can perform.

Other methods that are used to reproduce the lilac dipping and vaccination with replication lilac.

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Do lilacs grow in pots?

Lilac can be easily grown in pots in the house and on the balconies of the flower. However, they require some special care. For example, if you are bored a lot of the soil in the pot to be full of lilac. For this reason, want to live in large pots. Protect from excessive heat in summer and cold in winter your potted lilac flower. At the same time, directly in the air flow, air conditioning and heaters to keep them away from your plants to be long-lasting is important.

Lilac lilies in pots in the same yard as it is in the water you should also regularly care. Your home for buy lilac blossom,this beautiful plant into your home, you can move the smell of arak. Various chichewa from the grocery store seedlings lilac lilac too as you can purchase your friends you can replicate. check do not

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With the smell and the look etched in our memories, which means lilac blossom do you know? For the meaning of the lilac flower has different specs. But of course the focal point of love. Already deprived of the love of the flower that smells so good we couldn’t hope to be? Represents the confidence of the lilac flower. Lilac so if you give someone, it means I can trust you with all my heart. Change the color of the lilac flower as there can be some differences in the shades of the meanings. For example, white-colored, lilac blossoms, of course, it’s pure love. In addition, we often do not show supports the notion that white lilac flower.

Shades of colour, unfold as the loading of more love lilac blossom. In general, peace, happiness, smile, love and trust it feels. According to some, which must be given to a first love, a precious flower, lilac…


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