Lingual Braces (Invisible Braces)

What Are Lingual Braces - Lingual Braces (Invisible Braces)

Healthy and aesthetic orthodontic treatment also offers a smile to the people of Applied external wires. The invisible feature is the choice of patients with lingual braces.

What Are Lingual Braces?

Braces tooth treatment disorders, disorders and the solution to problems such as jaw disorders. Different types of braces that are used for the relief of patients with ailments such is a source of solution anymore. Its different and sophisticated form that is used for long years in metal braces as well as braces different the option becomes. Some patients use braces wants to give up because of the image.

lingual dis teli - Lingual Braces (Invisible Braces)

It is necessary to consider orthodontic treatment. A must have to prevent future problems.Now orthodontic treatment aesthetic appearance. From a range of braces, lingual braces are preferred in terms of appearance. Invisible braces are known as lingual braces. This application is certainly because they make patients quite happy. Almost impossible to see the patient’s teeth that had braces on. Lingual braces consist of metal brackets for many years, but the front surface of the teeth like metal braces that is used, i.e. the interior of the rear surface is applied. Therefore it is not observed.

lingual dis teli 001 - Lingual Braces (Invisible Braces)

For people with aesthetic concerns, this option is required with the treatment that a solution will be found. Patients on the one hand, while on the other hand have teeth properly or smoothly, to smile and speak freely. Thanks to technological advances, present the problem to patients with lingual braces. Difficulty in speaking is designed so that it will not be. In this way people who want to use braces, lingual application, you can choose easily.

lingual dis teli  - Lingual Braces (Invisible Braces)

Customized Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces, differs from the other bracket. These brackets are designed as a custom.Attached to the outer surface, the front surfaces of the teeth, the brackets are manufactured as standard to each other because they are similar in structure, but differ anatomically according to the internal surfaces of the outer surfaces of the teeth. Therefore, the ideal sequence in order to create the dental each patient has a different structure in which the outer surfaces, the use of the products standards is not correct. Usually in young adult patients can use this application.

lingual dis teli 002 - Lingual Braces (Invisible Braces)

Care may be similar to the metal bracket. At the same time, metal braces and porcelain of the mouth the lingual bracket in the bracket is seen less in the first week. Specially prepared to the person in the first week of lingual braces, minimizes the problems and issues. These brackets does not contain nickel. Therefore, anti – allergenic feature. For this reason, cleaning and maintenance is very easy. In lingual braces treatment policies has been a source of treatment solution.

Lingual Braces Features

Lingual braces from the outside definitely is not seen. However, you must look someone in the mouth too closely.

A person who actively plays sports and instrument builders, lingual braces can easily use.Also no need to use preservatives.

Some people may have difficulty in adapting to the lingual brackets. For those who have problems biting and little tooth structure, the lingual braces is not very suitable.

Compared to the first week related with usually the other brackets, but there are swallowing problems can cause discomfort and because it is on the inner side in the language. After an adjustment period, this situation are allowed to repeat.


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