Liver-Friendly Foods

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Here’s the liver and excreted from the body toxic substances in the protection of and renew itself in the most effective foods…

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Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs damaging the liver which is the organ of the body’s most natural ways to prevent tired. Your liver to get rid of harmful substances installment 7 Food recommended by experts.

1. Artichoke

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Especially artichoke leaves helps the liver and gall bladder.The emptying of bile from the liver and gallbladder has the effect of stimulating the production of provider. Also, some studies suggest that artichoke leaf contributes to cardiovascular health. Artichoke leaf tea before meals 1-3 cups of brewed to drink as it is beneficial.


2. Black Radish

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It is known that horseradish is a highly effective antioxidant against cancer, as well as a detox feature. Thanks to the sulfur molecules, at the same time, the production of bile from the liver helps in the intestine and removing waste during unloading. It purifies blood and helps in the elimination of toxins and toxic substances in the blood. By making a radish salad you can consume. You can drink juice for better digestion.


3. The Virgin Mary Thorn

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This powerful detox, liver purifier is one of the best. The breakdown of toxic substances in the liver, to help you become be expelled from the body. Supports the functioning of liver and helps in the formation of new liver cells.

The World Health Organization, the Virgin Mary thorn “acute and chronic hepatitis caused by alcohol, complementary therapy, certain drugs and toxic substances as” the enemy ” is defined. However, it is not suitable for pregnant women and children.


4. Rosemary

Rosemary use in the treatment of liver diseases. The Greeks knew the benefits of this plant that grows in the Mediterranean region. Tonic and anti-infective properties include, but also corrects digestive problems, stimulates the gall bladder and the liver regenerates. Pave the way for diseases with antioxidant effects against free radicals and increases the body’s resistance. Rosemary tea also improves the function of the liver.

Strengthens the immune system by contributing to the general health. An ideal plant to use for extreme fatigue. Consume 1 to 3 cups per day as a tea will help to digest.


5. Prepare weed

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Particularly used in diseases of the liver, this herb has a diuretic property also. Stimulates the production of bile and facilitates evacuation. A good cleansing for the liver. Or syrup can be found in capsule form at the pharmacy. Apart from that the plant can be consumed as a brewed cup before meals 1 to 3.

6. Red Grapes

Useful in kidney and liver diseases. Compounds in red grapes that help to detox the liver and thus helps to remove harmful toxins from. Fresh red grapes or mix it into your fruit salad you can eat.


7. Yesil Tea

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Yesil tea there are many benefits for our body. Tea is also capable of being Yesil is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system. Tea and Yesil is also good for your liver and helps you lose weight.

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