Losing weight too fast is bad?

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Want to lose weight as quickly as possible. Slow and steady, but because it is the best to lose weight slowly weight people who lose the weight many studies it has been observed that for a long time can be kept constant. Slowly losing weight creates less risk in terms of Health. You really have to lose weight fast is it bad? The rest of the article you will get an idea about the facts of this matter.

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What Is Fast Slimming ?

Many experts have per week 0.45–0,9 kg are healthy and safe to lose he says. That is very fast if you lose more than this amount 14842 indir - Losing weight too fast is bad?can be said. Losing weight rapidly, gallstone formation, Nov loss, nutritional deficiency, may cause degradation of metabolism.
The most common way to apply for people to lose weight fast, exercise and diet too much shock, or than 800 calories and a low calorie diet. People often prefer the option of a low calorie diet fairly exercise to lose weight on a diet because easier. But just a diet or workout plan for beginners, you can lose no more than 0.9 kg in the first week. It is normal to initially lose weight rapidly. Water loss is caused by the weight I lost during this period.
When it receives fewer calories than your body burns starts to use your energy stores called glycogen. Glycogen in the body connects to the water for energy when glycogen is burned, water is released. For this reason, a significant weight loss for the first week may be experienced. After use the body’s glycogen stores weight loss per week (0.45–0,9 kg must be balanced.

Quick weight loss is sustainable?

Only half of the battle to lose weight. The main difficulty is to keep it hard. Diet most people gain their weight back after a year half of that implement. Even worse, all the weight lost on a diet again after 3-5 years almost everyone’s reach. So, experts usually recommends to lose weight at a slow but steady pace. Most of the studies will be slow, but people who lose weight gain the weight at a steady pace for a long time has shown that the possibility of protection is high. Also, the slow weight diet plans that are usually fruits, vegetables and less sugary drinks consist of. So healthy eating behaviors 14842 486533 3 4 d5e90 300x216 - Losing weight too fast is bad?is created. Behaviors like this helps to keep your weight constant for a long time. However, some studies have to lose weight to lose weight quickly has found that effective in the long run even more slowly.

The doctor and Dietitian Aided Slimming

In a study of 103 people, while 97 people 36 weeks 12 week rapid weight loss diet along slow, but steady has followed a weight loss diet. After 3 years almost of the people in the two groups, roughly 70% have gained back the weight they lost. These results means that both types of the diet is equally effective.
In general, these studies have slow but steady weight loss is as effective for weight reduction quickly if you find a person trying to lose weight will achieve similar results at home because it is highly unlikely that groups of people in rapid weight loss weight loss and weight maintenance during the stage, received support from doctors and dieticians. Of getting research support from a health professional can increase your chances of success at weight loss over time. In addition, the dietitians and doctors are likely to reduce their health risks by taking too few calories. People who tried this diet alone carries a higher risk in terms of health risks.
In short, by giving more weight and maintaining your current weight is more likely to lose weight slowly. This approach will help to build a healthy diet for weight loss behavior experts.

Losing Weight Too Fast Risks

While it may be tempting to lose weight fast generally not recommended. Fast weight loss diets are very low in calories. For weeks low 14842 hizli kilo vermenin zararlari 300x169 - Losing weight too fast is bad?– calorie diet puts you at risk in terms of the health of people who maintain many.
Very fast weight loss risks include the following:

Nov Can Be Lost: Weight loss doesn’t always mean you have to lose fat. It may help you lose weight rapidly diets that are very low in calories, while most of the weight lost comes from water and the Nov. In one study, researchers 25 people for 5 weeks 500 calories per day, inadequate diet, 22 people per day for 12 weeks 1.250-calorie, low-calorie diet program. After investigations, was found to lose approximately the same amount of weight both groups. However, more “low-calorie” diet, following people’s “low-calorie” diet six times more than those who lost Nov.

Can slow down your metabolism: your metabolism losing weight too fast can slow it down. Your metabolism determines the daily calorie expenditure. Slower metabolism means consuming less calories. By consuming fewer calories a day to lose weight fast some studies have 23% fewer calories to be burned that can cause has found. Hormones that regulate the body’s metabolism thyroid hormone metabolism in the causes of the slowdown of the decline of a waste of and Nov. Unfortunately, this reduction in metabolism may take after finishing the diet.

Nutritional deficiency may be caused by: you are not getting enough calories on a regular basis, you may be at risk of nutritional deficiencies. The reason for this is a low calorie diet of iron, vitamin B12, and important enough that it is difficult to consume foods like Polat. Below are given a few results of a lack of nutrition.
Hair loss: when taken with fewer calories, the body may not be enough food to support the growth of hair and this also causes hair loss.
Extreme fatigue: enough calories on a diet that is very low in iron, vitamin B12, and can not be taken Polat, extreme fatigue and anemia develops.14842 catlak 4 300x192 - Losing weight too fast is bad?
Weak immune function: avoid getting enough calories and nutrients weakens the immune system and increases the risk of infection.
Brittle, weak bones: vitamin D in the diet, is caused by a lack of calcium and phosphorus.
It’s not completely a diet that is rich in unprocessed foods has nutritional deficiencies. These foods contain fewer calories and is satisfactory.

You can create gallstonesBile stones in the gall bladder or painful for a lot of To Lose Weight Fast side effect. Gall (bile) for the digestion of fatty foods in the gallbladder the bile fluid is required. You’re not eating too much food the digestive juice that the gallbladder will not be compelled to release. The ingredients in the digestive juice gallstones consist of wait for a while and when they come together. Of gallstones trapped in the gallbladder or indigestion and causes attacks of severe pain in the canal.

Other Side Effects

A very low calorie diet to lose weight fast diets or shock, may cause other side effects including the following:
*Feel hungry
*Feel tired
*Be tense or nervous
*Be too cold
*Muscle cramps
*Problems such as diarrhea and constipation
*Water loss

Tips That Will Help You To Lose Weight At A Healthy Pace

Slow weight loss is not appealing, although there are many things that can be done to speed up the process in a safe manner. At a healthy pace to lose weight here are 14842 kisa zamanda hizli kilo vermek hedefinizse 300x165 - Losing weight too fast is bad?a few tips that will help:
boost protein consumption: high protein foods boosts your metabolism and fills you up. Protein also helps to maintain mass Nov.
Reduce starch and sugar: studies have shown that a low-carb diet lose more weight than people who follow the shows. Is obtained from starchy and sugary foods if carbohydrate is reduced.
Eat slowly In the mouth giving a feeling of fullness are violated and the person received less nutrient will be eaten, and slow when.
Yesil tea or oolong tea: tea Metabolism Research Yesil 4-5% to the burning of fats in the body and 17% have shown that can increase.
Get plenty of rest: hunger called ghrelin increases and leptin levels to get enough sleep lowers the levels of a hormone called satiety hormones. This insufficient sleep can leave you hungry and will make it difficult to lose weight.
Try resistance training: Nov weight lifting or resistance training may be due to the decline in metabolism and weight loss will help you to fight against.
Try a high intensity workout: high intensity and 14842 1012227 620x413 300x200 - Losing weight too fast is bad?intermittent workouts short, intense bursts of exercise includes. Unlike regular aerobic exercise also known as cardio. In the body continues to burn calories after work.
Eat soluble fiber: soluble fiber can help to burn fat, especially abdominal studies.

Those who want to lose weight and maintain weight lose weight with a weight between half a kilo per week. Healthy eating habits to lose weight slowly but continuously over time to edindirir person. The weight quickly leads to the emergence of many side effects and health risks. This risk is particularly without support from a health professional to decline applies to employees in a short time. Change your eating habits, exercise and getting movement back to life again also helps maintain weight without to lose weight in the long run.

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Warning !

It is a proposal and Information article that has been compiled from different sources. There is no definitive diagnosis and treatment. Ask your doctor about any health problems. Remember, the treatment methods applied in health problems may vary according to the biology of individuals, hereditary characteristics, age, height, weight differences, allergic aspects and dozens of such conditions. Only your doctor can help you in the treatment of your health problems.

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