Made With Organic Toothpaste

Made With Organic Toothpaste - Made With Organic Toothpaste

If you think that is threatening the health of toothpaste you use, your toothpaste with just a few materials you can prepare yourself.

Organic and natural the word is no longer ensconced in our lives. Each product we call organic. We use many products that are used in the production of substances to human health are damaging. Because of this, people prefer organic and natural products. Per day at least 3 times for brushing teeth, we use some toothpastes our lives in danger puts you in.

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In the context of human health on negative affect in the direction of substances presence, it makes people to opt for natural products. Some grocery stores and brands producing natural and organic products, specially by protecting the health of both makes life easier for both people, but some people, their needs at home meets with their own products. If you wish to also easy and practical way in your toothpaste you can make yourself.


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How To Natural Toothpaste ?


3 tablespoons baking soda

3 tablespoons coconut

20 drops peppermint oil


The ingredients, place in a bowl. Mix all ingredients with a spoon. Mixture occurs in this way.Then put it in a glass jar, close the lid tightly. When you want to use by rubbing a small amount on the toothbrush, you can brush your teeth.

dogal dis macunu yapimi - Made With Organic Toothpaste

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