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915 - Make have a strong memory

As you get older, like our other organs, the brain and ageing in the period of youth we may not have a sharp memory. But choosing the right foods, it is possible to have a strong memory like it used to.


Between food experts from the memory of most of the foods that showed the B-complex vitaminsvitamin Comega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants it contains. In addition to the foods you should eat to prevent forgetfulness and improve memory are the foods you should eat.

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For example, trans fats while increasing the risk of atherosclerosis metabolism can hinder the functions. Apart from that, not much sugar and the protein to be processed as needed may cause thrashing of the blood vessels. Burgers, fries, bakery products, sugary drinks, desserts overly sugary consume as little as possible.


Vitamin B12: vitamin B12 deficiency between the symptoms of the weakness of memory and memory loss. Vitamin B12 deficiency long-term states that if it continues may cause neuropsychiatric disorders. Deficiency of this vitamin in the elderly are more likely to consume food and animal. To avoid vitamin B12 deficiency, meat, poultry and fish you can add to your diet. Dry grain products usually contain vitamin B12.

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Blueberries: vitamin C and contain antioxidants that are rich in blueberries, is used for memory fading with age. Alzheimer’s disease memory loss is the cause of an insufficient number of studies about whether there is a good though experts memory of eating blueberries regularly, the disease-related symptoms can alleviate says.
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Eggs: an important neurotransmitter in memory, which is the “brain” required for the synthesis of “choline” clause in eggs is plentiful. Some studies on animals fed choline-rich in the later stages of memory problems at an early age has shown to be one of less.,

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Yesil Tea: Yesil tea polyphenols, particularly flavonoids is thought to improve memory. ThisantioxidantsAlzheimer’s patients in the brains of plaque-forming proteins that weakens neurons and the loss of memory helps to reduce the production of the prints.

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Fish: which is very important for strengthening your memory function properly and your brain is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and tons of salmon, trout consumed at least 2 meals a day per week of cold water fish such as it should be.

Apart from fish, other foods that contain omega 3 in walnuts, flax seed, pumpkin seeds, we can count the number of. These foods also can help reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

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Vegetables: low-calorie, vitamin A and iron, that contains many essential vitamins and minerals such as spinach, lettuce and leafy vegetables such as cabbage are among the foods recommended for a powerful memory Yesil. If Yesil is useful for the brain, just as how dark the color of the vegetables.

• keep your blood pressure and your cholesterol under control. Maintain heart and vascular health it is very important for your brain to work properly.

• Make sure you sleep. Memory that is associated with the weakening of the Sleep Disorders Research says.

• Get regular exercise. Regular physical activity is known to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

• Training the brain to do. Puzzles, language learning makes the brain healthier brain in seniors, activities such as running.

• Do not smoke. Increases the risk of heart attack, can cause permanent brain damage, which raises blood pressure non.

• Reduce stress. Learn how to reduce stress, get a hobby and go easy on yourself.

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