Meniscus symptoms and treatment methods

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This condition is known as athlete’s sport, but people who don’t do what is seen in the meniscus? Symptoms and treatment what is it? You can find the answers to these questions in our article.

Meniscus – Meniscus Tear What Is It?


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Meniscus, cartilage people located in the directory structure. The task of this cartilage to prevent friction in the directory. At the same time, the directory acts as a cushion on the top side of all the body weight, it prevents these two bones from rubbing together. Blood circulation in the meniscus tissue is available. Sep nature similar in texture, but can live without oxygen, these tissues.

Inner and outer meniscus of the meniscus the meniscus. Around the contact of the bones in the knee joint is a crescent-shaped they’ll cut you off. When we look at the meaning of the word, “semen” is the ancient Greek word’ month means. Is named according to The Shape of the Crescent.

A meniscal tear may occur as a result of pressure or strain damaged as a result of this tap.Completed the development of young athletes is prevalent in New Age or development, but don’t do sports or sudden movements may occur when people who are torn as a result of the strain. Over a certain age, at the age of rupture of the meniscus strain or even sudden movement may occur. Age progresses and is likely to be the case unless the body is well taken care of.

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What are the causes and symptoms of the meniscus?

Meniscus that produce the main reasons are as follows:

  • As a result of traffic accidents
  • String incoming blows or fall above the knee as a result of
  • Based on the index return movement or when doing sports
  • In the directory for the accumulation of life in the elderly that occur as a result of minor damage

Tears in menuskus occur. Meniscus, a disease that is incredibly annoying and lowers your quality of life. Difficulty in walking, and pain in general and gives rise to a deep directory. If one of the following if you have;

  • If anyone came in with knee pain and swelling
  • If your knee is stuck in
  • If it is your knee unplayable
  • On the basis of swelling, accumulation of fluid in there, and akisma sense if you have liquid , you need to definitely go to a doctor.

Meniscus treatment and surgery

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The injured area primarily for the location of treatment is important. The treatment process varies according to whether the inner meniscus tear in or out. This finer structure because it is more difficult to heal the inner meniscus injuries are less likely and blood to the tissue.External ruptures that occur here because the meniscus has a blood tissue for the treatment of larger and more can be achieved more quickly.

Pain and swelling in the knee meniscal injuries typically occur. In this case, the weight let the swelling go down and cold application for the relief of tight bandages leg set aside for a long time, and the granting of the motion constrains in the sport for a while will usually give satisfactory results on Dec. Pain relievers will also help in the treatment process. The structure, bone, connective tissues that you can apply this treatment at home if any damage has occurred it is enough. Without any deterioration in the structure of the knee, the body will repair itself.If desired, the stress on the other muscles in the legs and the string hardened physical therapy can be relieved. Thus, faster results can be obtained.

If the tear is larger than if the tissue has occurred, or if the blood does not exceed on the side if you have bleeding, then surgery is essential. First to be examined is whether the situation is bleeding. When it is torn bleeding in a critical region has been formed and it would be more difficult to recover. If a large rupture has occurred in the region where bleeding is present, blood or torn tissue can be made that will be fixed since it is not sewn. It is more difficult sewing of the tear and the surgeon to be skilled is required. Have been planted in the case where the recovery rate is high. If it is to be planted, the meniscus is taken. The meniscus is a frequent method of obtaining the tissue.With this method developed, but then the only remaining meniscal tissue increases the pressure. Only after a while begins to lose the texture because it is not usually slippery enough calcification and age.


What Are Meniscal Rupture?

Occur as a result of the movements we do in general, although some by paying attention to our actions we can prevent the occurrence of this disease.


If you haven’t had a meniscus tear:

1) Standing, fixed every try to install two string equal weight as she stood.

2) Your Health and watch your weight. Note that this means that much meniscal tissue how much weight pressure.

3) Close contact sports, basketball, football, wrestling, karate, sports etc. you should be more careful if you are dealing with.

4) strengthen your leg muscles.

5) try to swim your legs are plenty for you consolidate the most healthy sport is swimming.


If you have meniscus tear if:

1) stay away from the sport some time.

2) strengthen your leg muscles with physical therapy.

3) try not to bukmem your knees more than ninety degrees.

4) Don’t run as much as possible, will create slightly less pressure than a brisk walk.

5) when you look back at, look after you convert your entire body. So you will reduce the strength in your knees buckling.

6) avoid sudden movements sudden turns while walking.

7) give your knee the meniscus is not other string your load when standing still.

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