Mercedes x Class  features

2282982 - Mercedes x Class  features

Mercedes x Class  features

55752 - Mercedes x Class  features

Mercedes’S expected Tool, the “ x Class ” was presented to the Turkish market. The highly anticipated and Mercedes “ pick-up ”- style production features and announced the price of the tool.

The world’s first and only Premium The pick-up tool for “ Mercedes class x ” As first-class220d and 250d X X as it was produced. 2018 the vehicle is 6 cylinder diesel engine model will be sold.

Mercedes X-Class Internal Hardware

Other models of Mercedes as class X without internal hardware to pick up many differences.For this reason, the premium pick-up.

X Class model of the cockpit the normal Mercedes vehicles are manufactured, such as. In the middle of the cockpit where it is used 8.4 inch Screen Resolution of 960 x 540 pixels and the size of the instrument panel in the vehicle “ inch size 5,4 ” conspicuous among the criteria. Flooring options “ produced handmade, Artico leather ” is being used. In addition, the instant traffic flow, navigation and online 360-degree camera, lane tracking and warning, cruise control, traffic sign detection, active brake, remote vehicle access also from other equipment in the vehicle. Users who want to if it were located on the external volume 17, 18 and 19 inchwheels can choose.

2282982 300x169 - Mercedes x Class  featuresMercedes Benz GLC250d 04 300x180 - Mercedes x Class  featureszmercedesxclass 53 300x200 - Mercedes x Class  features

Mercedes X-Class Engine Options

Mercedes A class X in the first place, the 2.3-liter four-cylinder with the option of two different power values emerges. The first of these “ d x 220 163 horsepower and 403 Nm of torque ” values with a motor.

Other model “ D 250 X 190 horsepower and 450 nm of torque ” value. The year of 2018 , which goes on sale in the middle “ six-cylinder diesel engine 258 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque is ” the ability to land like a lot more will be available to users with the value.

For both versions with four-wheel drive offering, the company, at the foot of Transmission “ 6-speed manual ” and then “ 7 forward valuable automatic gear selection options.

Mercedes Class Price

Comfort, ECO, Sport, Offroad, offering five different driving modes including manual and car in eco mode the start/stop feature is activated.

On all models the tool to be introduced in Europe in place of 202 millimeters high standard which has included the suspension positioning Mercedes as optional sold with the other options, this Height 20 millimeters to up attracts.

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