Metabolism-Boosting Foods

Metabolism Boosting Foods - Metabolism-Boosting Foods

The rate of metabolism varies from person to person with the diet while the foods consumed and generated can be controlled.


Metabolism; needed for the survival of living things, and to ensure that basic needs are met, we can say that the amount of energy it burns. The rate of metabolism vary from person to person, while in others it is slow; in others works. Fast metabolism; while pointing at his fat little body healthy and slow metabolism; overweight indicates the body is high in fat.

While the rate of metabolism varies from person to person, we can say that there are many factors that affect this situation. Gender plays an effective role on the metabolic rate as many elements as a genetic condition. These structural factors, as well as a person’s metabolic rate plays a decisive role in the diet and foods that you consume.

Play an effective role in weight-loss that your metabolic rate of fat you burn during the day you can lose weight by affecting the rate rate balances. People with weight problems can speed up their metabolism and they consume the foods they can increase the rate of fat burning during the day. The nutrients consumed, as well as eating small but frequent meals will help to increase your metabolism rate.

Basal metabolism : your metabolic rate is 60%, which covers your basal metabolism, the amount of energy your body burns while resting.


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Gender : men and women in the metabolic rate are different from each other. The ratio of women less than men in their bodies are weaker and structurally Nov. Muscles means you burn less energy to be small and weak. For this reason, women’s metabolism is running slower than men.

Genetic structure : genetic play an effective role in all areas of health, plays an effective role in the metabolic rate. Their metabolism is working slower metabolism usually people with problems in the family.

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Age : Age is one of the factors that affect the rate of metabolism. I can say I have a different speed of the metabolic rate for each age group. That age range is the fastest of metabolism between the ages of 15-30. 30s has been on the decline as of metabolism, menopausal women in the period again increases.

Disease : one of the main reasons that affect the metabolic rate of the body health condition.Thyroid hormone is directly related to the metabolic rate working order. While the slow metabolism will cause you to run slowly the thyroid; the thyroid is the acceleration of metabolism additionally quick work of. The thyroid, cortisone and insulin secretion as well as one of the main factors that affect metabolic rate.

Temperature : the rate of metabolism with the cooled air fall in winter; in summer the air temperature increases.

Carbohydrates : carbohydrates are the main factor that causes to decrease the rate of metabolism. Within days of carbohydrate-rich foods are the metabolic rate causes consumption to fall. Examples of carbohydrate foods such as pasta, pastry, sweet and sugary foods.


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Water : the most important thing to body health, no doubt. Playing an effective role in the face of many health problems water consumption helps to increase the speed of metabolism.Drinking at least 2.5 liters of water per day, the speed of your metabolism is important.Remember, your body will cause your metabolic rate to drop from water loss.

Cayenne pepper : cayenne pepper is known to accelerate the metabolism to the feature, being consumed after about 3 hours your metabolism rate by 25% increases. To people who want to increase the speed of metabolism therefore are advised to consume hot and spicy foods. You can easily pick up black pepper and pulbiber.


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Fiber food fiber foods in the digestive system are also quite friendly in terms of the rate of metabolism has a significant place. Fiber (fiber) accelerates the metabolism by increasing the body’s energy during the digestion of foods. Therefore, the consumption of foods high in fiber, helping to increase the metabolic rate while at the same time intended as an effective measure against diseases of the digestive system such as constipation and diarrhea. To give an example of fibrous food;

  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Apple
  • Oats
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts
  • Almonds, etc…


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Protein : Diet is one of the imperatives of the list due to their lack of longer proteins, which need more energy to digest. For this reason, the energy increased during the digestion of protein foods is increasing in direct proportion to the rate of metabolism. Therefore as an alternative to red meat which are rich in protein are turkey, chicken and fish you can choose.

Cinnamon : cinnamon allows you to stay fuller longer at the same time increase metabolism rate directly by raising the body temperature.

Ginger, spice ginger and cinnamon raise your metabolic rate after another.


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Flax seed : flax seed is known to help with the effect of the decline,

Yesil Tea : tea by the name of Yesil, which includes a phenol component, these components, thanks to accelerate metabolism. For this reason, are often included in the list to the tea diet Yesil.

Fish :fish contained omega-3 fatty acid metabolism, the hormone leptin, known for organizing thanks to the speed of triggers.

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