Methods for the diagnosis and treatment of Kawasaki disease

What Are The Symptoms Of Kawasaki Disease - Methods for the diagnosis and treatment of Kawasaki disease

What is Kawasaki disease?   Who gets this disease?

What Is Kawasaki Disease?

The disease has been identified first in the 1960s. Kawasaki Tomosaki are taken from the doctor who identified the name of the disease. High fever is seen with this disease. Kawasaki is a kind of vascular disease. The coronary arteries that carry blood to the heart, including the veins in the body affects all. Then causes inflammation.


Kawasaki disease vasculitis in children generally. Emerging and evolving disease in childhood is a disease. Usually in children under the age of 6 are more frequent. Compared to girls, is a disease that is usually seen more often in boys.

This disease suddenly appeared, and with that fire under control begins. A high fever, as well as with the different symptoms and complaints are common. Kawasaki disease are seen in various parts of the body.




Important in this disease is early detection. Kawasaki disease is not contagious and is not a hereditary disease but this disease is believed to arise due to genetic predisposition. It is possible to treat the disease. At the same time the possibility of an attack is very rare. This disease a second time, repeating a situation such as.


What Are The Symptoms Of Kawasaki Disease?

Kawasaki disease begins with a high fever first. Memory becomes not able to control high fever in children. Redness of the skin and rashes on the skin are seen. The rash and the rash can be seen in many parts of the body.


What Are The Symptoms Of Kawasaki Disease


Swelling of lymph glands occurs. The swelling in hands and feet at the same time. Catlik in the lips. These cracks are quite deep. Is observed as the redness in your eyes. Redness in the eyes are seen in the conjunctival tissue.

  • High fever
  • Inflammation
  • Redness of the skin
  • Skin rash
  • Swelling of lymph nodes
  • Swelling in the hands
  • Swelling in your feet
  • A rupture on her lips
  • Redness of the eye


Kawasaki Disease Causes

The cause of Kawasaki disease is not known exactly, but are thought to have an infectious origin. In genetically predisposed individuals due to hypersensitivity begins. Children with a genetic predisposition of the bacteria and viruses causing inflammation of the blood vessels damage along with the effect begins.


Kawasaki Disease Causes


Kawasaki Disease Is Associated With.

Which cannot be controlled, and after 5 days of fever and other symptoms if you have a child with Kawasaki disease are being diagnosed. These signs and symptoms double-sided conjunctivitis, enlargement of lymph nodes, skin rash and changes in the arms and legs.These symptoms are helpful in the diagnosis of Kawasaki disease.


Kawasaki Disease Is Associated With


Usually lab tests are done. Outside of testing are used in the imaging system. In the aftermath of Kawasaki disease can be seen in these systems due to occurring disturbances.It is being diagnosed as a result of these systems and tests.

Urine tests : a urine test for different diseases by examining urine are examined. At the same time remains connected to suspicious examines whether diseases.

Blood tests : blood tests to examine blood samples are examined for other diseases.Depending on whether other diseases remains observed. In addition, it examines illness such as anemia or leukocytosis due to the increase of BR improved blood cells.

Electrocardiogram : heart rate is measured on the electrodes are bonded to the person’s chest. Because this disease is a disease that causes heart damage, the cause is damaged in the heart rhythm. With this system, examines whether heart rhythm disturbances are.

Echocardiogram : this system fulfils the function of the coronary arteries, whether it is understood. Ultrasound images are used to examine the functioning of the heart.


Treatment Of Kawasaki Disease

Drug treatment method is applied in Kawasaki disease. The most commonly used drug in the treatment of this disease, intravenous immunoglobulin is known as. This provides a definitive diagnosis of the disease and the rapid loss of drug fever. Fire after the fall begins a long recovery. This time consists of 8 weeks.


Treatment Of Kawasaki Disease


At this stage, drug treatment continues. Kawasaki is a disease which leads to heart diseases.For this reason, treatment should be started for this condition if they have heart problems.Heart problems is usually caused by Kawasaki disease are temporary. It’s very rare this situation permanently. If if you have heart problems, heart a check should be subject to doctor and pediatric cardiologist is oriented as it should be treated.



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