Methods of diagnosis and treatment of disorders of phosphorus metabolism

What Are Disorders Of Phosphorus Metabolism - Methods of diagnosis and treatment of disorders of phosphorus metabolism

What are disorders of phosphorus metabolism, what is the diagnosis and how is it treated? Here we have compiled all the information related to phosphorus metabolism disorders.

What Is Phosphorus?

Phosphorus is one of the most important elements in the body. Minaret has the second most abundant in the human body. Therefore, I’d say you’re pretending to many functions in our body.

In nature, phosphorus is usually in solid form, fat, and protein, there is a lot of sugar. The transfer is usually processed through bacteria and plants.

Tissue comprising of approximately 0.95 percent of the phosphorus in the total every adult in the environment 700 GR. so. The phosphorus in the human body, 80% of calcium is found in bones and teeth depending on the tricalcium phosphate. Blood in the muscles and the rate of 10% at a phosphorus lipid, is bound to compounds such as glossitis and protiv.

What Are Disorders Of Phosphorus Metabolism?

Phosphorus metabolism, calcium metabolism are directly related. Phosphorus balance of the body, especially the kidneys, organized by parathormone and calcitonin on the effectiveness of depends.

The lack of phosphorus intake Foods, however, may be accompanied by incomplete removal of calcium. Generally the result of phosphorus deficiency can be seen in the following conditions:

  • Especially in children, growth retardation
  • Vitamin D deficiency is associated with rickets, a kind of is seen.
  • In adults, osteomalacia (bone softening) called emerging diseases.

fosfor - Methods of diagnosis and treatment of disorders of phosphorus metabolism


The Causes Of Phosphorus Metabolism Disorders Of

Itself indicate kidney disorders phosphorus metabolism disorders of various. The result of the severe disorders of phosphorus metabolism renal failure, the filtering function of the kidneys leads to the decrease of phosphorus with hipofosfatemi. Assessment of risk factors that occur from birth or later kidney failures occur due to insufficient absorption of phosphorus in the back.

Symptoms Of Phosphorus Metabolism Disorders Of

Assessment of risk factors, phosphorus deficiency in the body is called. If the person does not get enough phosphorus in his daily life, it may seem in the metabolism of various ailments. These are:

  • Anxiety, bunalma, boredom)
  • Bone problems and external vulnerabilities
  • Rickets in children
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular breathing
  • Nervousness and stress
  • Numbness
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Chills, reduction of body resistance
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anxiety and weight changes can be seen

In addition, stiff joint, and bone pain may also occur. Also, glucose intolerance, irregular heartbeat, and breathing difficulties it can cause.

fosfor 001 - Methods of diagnosis and treatment of disorders of phosphorus metabolism


In humans the condition of having a high level of phosphorus in the body is called. Again, this redundancy can be linked to the causes of various diseases in various people. These

  • Severe renal disease
  • Deterioration of renal function
  • Leading to kidney failure can cause.

At the same time an excess of phosphate, heart attack, arteriosclerosis and stroke.Treatment of humans is determined by the underlying cause.


Methods Of Treatment Of Disorders Of Phosphorus Metabolism

The most common cause of chronic renal failure in humans. Apart from that, hypoparathyroidism and psodohipoparatiroid, kalsinoz tumoral syndrome, or acromegaly, may occur in patients with normal renal function during bisphosphonate treatment.

Humans in the long term, can cause a secondary etiology of hypercalcaemia and soft tissue calcification. In the treatment, oral intake of phosphorus restriction and phosphate linking agents are used. Renal insufficiencies, in addition to dialysis, oral preparations are treated with oral phosphorus restriction and phosphorus that binds.


bobrek - Methods of diagnosis and treatment of disorders of phosphorus metabolism


The circumstances that led to hipofosfatemi, phosphorus absorption from the gastrointestinal tract and disrupts absorption of pathologies (such as malabsorption syndromes), renal phosphorus loss from the intracellular space to the extracellular space to slip into conditions that cause (respiratory alkalosis, diabetic ketoacidosis, glucose, and insulin therapy) and from conditions that cause bone tissue to slip into the extracellular space (such as osteoblastic metastases hungry bone syndrome) can be summarized as.

Evaluation of serum phosphorus concentration is defined as a disruption of serious risk factors. In this case, metabolic encephalopathy, myocardial dysfunction, hemolytic anemia, rhabdomyolysis may cause weakness and even Nov. Symptomatic of phosphorus deficiency, phosphorus is treated with oral preparations.

Intravenous therapy, symptomatic hypocalcemia, and non-skeletal calcification due to the risk of very careful, however, serious symptoms and serum phosphorus levels can be applied while in the presence of 1mg. During infusion, serum calcium, phosphorus and creatinine levels are closely monitored.



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