Methods of diagnosis and treatment of endometrial polyps

What Is The Treatment For Endometrial Polyps - Methods of diagnosis and treatment of endometrial polyps

The diagnosis of endometrial polyps what are the symptoms, what is it and how is it treated? We have more news…

What Is A Polyp? What Is Endometrial Polyp?

Polyps, which are small and benign tumoral formations in the body that are the cervix, uterus (endometrium) , vocal cords, and can be seen in various areas such as the intestines.Endometrial polyps in the uterus developing and tumoral which can be one or more than one structure. The membrane layer of the lining of the uterus endometrial polyps to grow in some parts of the area of tissue occurs when more than usual is pushed into the cavity of the uterus, but which pushed this tissue, the endometrium loses the connection with. If this connection is very thin stalked polyp is called.The uterus hangs out of the mouth of these over time. Sometimes the connection between endometrial polyps and spread over a wide area with a broad-based polyps consist of. Outside polyp a polyp of the cervix in case of prolapse that may be in the area should be taken into consideration.

endometrial polip - Methods of diagnosis and treatment of endometrial polyps

In women can occur at any age but pre-menopausal and menopausal period is more common. The most common age is between the ages of 39-50. It can be said there is a 10 percent incidence. Post-menopausal bleeding, benign polyps are usually cause problems.

What Causes Endometrial Polyps?

  • Bleeding disorder
  • Bleeding disorder
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Childlessness

What Are The Symptoms Of Endometrial Polyps?

  • Irregular bleeding
  • The prolongation of menstrual bleeding or bleeding increase the amount of bleeding and days of Dec
  • Bleeding during sexual intercourse
  • Like cramping pain during menstruation
  • Bleeding or discharge after menopause

How Is The Diagnosis Of Endometrial Polyps?

Takes place with ultrasonography. Menstrual bleeding can be suspected in the patient with the surplus. You may be asked to film the uterus. Ultrasonography, as well as a liquid given to the uterus can be viewed. Polyps can be removed with hysteroscopy then. The roots of the polyps cannot be removed by the method of abortion, and repeats. All does not need to be operated for polyps. Meet this situation with the patient and the doctor will decide.

Diagnosed with transvaginal ultrasonography hysterosalpingography for the diagnosis of small polyps may not be sufficient for better than. Sonohysterography of the uterine cavity showing a better (i.e., ultrasonography) is the most effective method we can say. Directly visible polyps in hysteroscopy is also removed. Therefore, we can say that the most preferred method.

endometrial polip teshisi - Methods of diagnosis and treatment of endometrial polyps

Of polyps is called polypectomy the removal process. The operation is short and the patient do not have to stay in the hospital, but some patients operative hysteroscopy under general anesthesia is implemented.

What Are The Causes Of Endometrial Polyps?

  • When seen together with activity much estrogen endometrial hyperplasia
  • Tamoxifen for breast cancer treatment

Furthermore, according to some studies, might have something to do with genetic pathology.

What Are The Types Of Endometrial Polyps?

  • Hyperplastic Polyps

Hyperplastic polyps endometrial hyperplasia indicates the similarity of estrogen dependent.

  • Functional Polyps

Contain cells similar to secretory endometrium.

  • Adenomatous Polyps

Nov tissue contain.

  • Atrophic Polyps

Puckering over time and lose its characteristics as a result of functional or hyperplastic polyps are formed.

  • Pseudounipolar

Polyps are called a liar. Usually if it is smaller than 1 cm, will come out in the second period of the cycle, and menstruation are destroyed.

What Is The Treatment For Endometrial Polyps?

The patient is prepared for surgery. Vaginal cleansing after applying with the camera and detect the exact location of polyps inside Rahic operation is performed in a safe manner.Endometrial polyp cancer did not emerge as a case in the future, although it is recommended that these complaints be taken when it is detected due to. When the size exceeds 1.5 cm, there is a common opinion about what should be taken and it may cause infertility, we can say that.

endometrial polip hiteroskopi - Methods of diagnosis and treatment of endometrial polyps

If a polyp is detected, surgery is taken as the reasons for:

  • The precise diagnosis

Polyps endometrial hyperplasia and bleeding that require medical treatment wasn’t due to any other cause than to show that it is not a disorder.

  • Keep out of cancer

The cause of bleeding in postmenopausal women to show that it’s not cancer.

  • Stop the bleeding
  • Increase reproductive potential

According to studies, less than 2 cm polyps will reduce the chances of pregnancy in IVF, but not for the conclusion of pregnancy causes an increase in the risk of a miscarriage. In another study, the increase of polyps in the uterus glycodel named item, as fertilization of the egg and embryo revealed that have a negative impact on attachment to the uterus.


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