Methods of diagnosis and treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome

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What is Myelodysplastic syndrome, what is diagnosis , and how is it treated? We have compiled all the details about the disease.

What is Myelodysplastic syndrome ?

Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) in addition to the uncontrolled proliferation of blood cells from bone marrow, blood cells different from normal cells in the bone marrow in a developmental question. Blood of patients with myelodysplastic syndrome occur in the construction,. As a result of this, red blood cells, blood cell disorders anemia and quality. For this reason, the cells are unable to function normally.

Some of the subgroups evaluated in myelodysplastic syndrome may evolve into leukemia.Myelodysplastic syndrome can be seen at almost any age. However, generally more common in people over the age of 40.

Due to the differences in the bone marrow myelodysplastic syndrome, first in 1950, it has been noticed. French-American-British myelodysplastic syndrome working group in 1982, and expressed as the disease.


What Is The Cause Of Myelodysplastic Syndrome?

The cause of myelodysplastic syndrome is not fully known. The majority of patients with the disease in the relationship for any reason could not be determined.


myelodisplastik sendromu teshisi ve tedavi yontemleri - Methods of diagnosis and treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome


As a result of research, paint industry and people who work in the footwear industry are exposed to frequently, it is observed that this disease. In addition, alcohol, lead poisoning and tuberculosis disease myelodysplastic syndrome can lead to the use of drugs in the future.

Also as a result of research have found evidence of myelodysplastic syndrome that is caused by any bacteria or virus. Of infectious disease do not have any property.


Symptoms Of Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Myelodysplastic syndrome generally shows some symptoms. These are:

  • Fatigue
  • Night sweats
  • Weight loss
  • Bruising on the skin
  • Infections fever


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What Is Diagnosed With Myelodysplastic Syndrome?

When symptoms occur you should consult a doctor in order to diagnose myelodysplastic syndrome. The doctor diagnosed as a result of the examination will do.

Some of the patients on the lips pallor, enlargement of lymph nodes in the neck or underarm can be seen in some people. Also the liver or spleen can be detected.

In addition, in order to be recognized by the doctor, peripheral blood and bone marrow samples can be requested. A sample of peripheral blood and bone marrow Hematology specialists, pathologists and geneticists studied by misdiagnosed patients.

Of myelodysplastic syndrome diagnosis:

  • Blood count
  • Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy
  • With the results of genetic tests is made.


What Are The Treatment Options For Myelodysplastic Syndrome?

For the treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome, especially appropriate for persons under the age of 55 in the presence of tissue a stem cell transplant. However, during a stem cell transplant leading to various side effects can occur.

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Other methods that are used in the treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome include:

  • Erythrocyte suspension
  • Drug treatment
  • Bone marrow (stem cell) transplant treatment methods can be applied.



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