Methods Of Treating Varicocele Disease

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Men sometimes disease that causes pain what is the treatment for varicocele?

What Is Varicocele?

Especially in the left men in the vessels of egg expansion, the problem of thickening. Usually start at the age of puberty and can progress over time. At an early age begin to interfere with the development of the egg. Proficiently in more advanced age, and when it arrived, the eggs may cause you to shrink the size of and soften. Varicocele is not a health issue, but that could be the cause of infertility by making some tests for this situation should be investigated.It can be seen that men in pain is made.

Diagnosis Of Varicocele?

Is diagnosed by manual examination of a qualified physician. But manually can be detected with Doppler ultrasonography Doppler ultrasonography is not only the benefit of having been detected by the determination of varicocele surgery is not seen.

What Is The Treatment Of Varicocele?

Microsurgical technique are made. Varicocele surgery surgery surgery performed with this technique which can be made full and complete due to the inability of the disease may recur.In fact, this is not a repeat, varicocele continues. Surgery performed without the use of the microscope to 30 percent is failing. There is treatment by drugs and other methods, and must be carried out by persons who are full of the knowledge of microsurgical techniques.Otherwise, over 50 percent will continue varicocele.

Over 80 percent of patients with varicocele after surgery, the sperm values are really funded.Sperm count after varicocele surgery, patients who do not of being inadequate and unsuccessful underwent surgery. In this case microsurgical varicocele corrective surgery is done.

Varicocele, these cases do not require treatment:

  • Does not cause infertility
  • Does not cause pain

However, even in this case, may change over time, considering that at certain times must be checked.

Varicocele is not treated:

  • Include infertility show the effect over time.
  • Affect the number of Sperm.
  • The structures of sperm cells and affects chromosomal complicates pregnancy, abortion may result.
  • The egg may cause it to shrink and soften.
  • People who have reached a more advanced stage can cause infertility in come to the stage of no return.
  • Causes pain. Still just because of the pain surgical intervention is not performed.
  • Leads to a fall in the male hormone testosterone.

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