Microcephaly what is and what causes it?

MICROCEPHALY - Microcephaly what is and what causes it?

Occurring due to genetic or environmental factors is caused by, a condition where the baby’s head is small by the standards of the structure.


Discomfort in the head called microcephaly is a condition where the head circumference is smaller than the size of and standard. Microcephaly is considered a disease, but a clinical finding is said to be. The diagnosis of microcephaly can be put in the first weeks of pregnancy in the later months of pregnancy and months are being put in as often.

A marked asymmetry between the face and skull in cases of microcephaly are available. The skull is smaller than that of the standards at the same time, it means that the brain is smaller.However, this situation is not identified as the main cause of affecting the baby’s intelligence level. Please note that it’s not the size of the brain, moderate mental retardation, determines underlying structural pathology.mikrosefali 002 - Microcephaly what is and what causes it?

Many environmental and genetic factors are effective in the formation of microcephaly the need. As can be seen in congenital microcephaly may arise in the first year of life. Due to the development of the baby may be directly affected by microcephaly and abnormal brain development may be caused by. However, this does not apply to all cases of microcephaly.Some children who mikrosefali necessary intelligence levels and neurological development may be normal.

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Microcephaly is separated for two main reasons;

Primary Microcephaly : abnormal development occurs as a result of in the first 7 months of pregnancy.

Secondary Microcephaly : in the last 2 months of pregnancy or in the perinatal period (birth process) due to damage occur.

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Determining the average head circumference of 35 cm at the birth of a healthy baby as shows a growth of 0.5 cm per week for the first two months. This ratio will continue as per week between 2 and 6 months 0,25 cm. In short, a healthy baby’s head circumference of 5cm in the first 3 months; second 3 months, 4 cm; 2 cm in the third 3 months, as it continues to grow.

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  • Some metabolic diseases
  • Some chromosomal disorders
  • Isolated or syndromic genetic diseases
  • During pregnancy, Alcohol, Tobacco, and the use of toxic substancesis
  • Inadequate nutrition during pregnancy
  • Folate deficiency during pregnancy
  • Maternal infection during pregnancy
  • Placental insufficiency
  • Exposure to hypoxia during birth, a stroke, or trauma
  • During childbirth, infections (meningitis, encephalitis)
  • Kraniosinostoz (premature closure of Skull Bones)
  • Lead poisoning
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Chronic renal failure
  • Congenital heart diseases
  • Radiation exposure during pregnancy

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  • Short stature
  • Abnormalities percent
  • Hyperactivity
  • Developmental delay
  • Balance and coordination disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Intellectual inadequacy

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The diagnosis of microcephaly can be placed in the gestation process. According to the results of ultrasonography, head circumference identified under the second level 2 or 3 standard deviations along with the determination and confirmation that is diagnosed. At the same time, confirmed with measurements made at birth by the child’s doctor is verified.

Laboratory investigations as well as findings of the physical examination is also of importance. However, the suspicion of a chromosomal disorder or a child abnormal in face shape, short stature, congenital abnormalities, or additional If necessarily exist a chromosome test should be performed.

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Although there is not applied in conjunction with the treatment of microcephaly in children rehabilitation with a physical therapist ensure that they will be more functional. This is the age of the children with gross motor rehabilitation treatments in accordance with the criteria and the needs of the child’s need and their development are in for a treat.


MICROCEPHALY babies from the moment they are born there is not as yet carry disease and the cure complete. The reason for this is babies with this disease from birth their brains are small and not developed. For this reason, life is not very long.

Prolongs the life time of the process of the care of infants with disease mikrosefalil. Is longer than the life of the baby in the best of circumstances care and treatment while living conditions difficult and has been living for a shorter time than babies who are not good.


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