Multiple sclerosis diagnosis and treatment methods

Multiple Sclerosis - Multiple sclerosis diagnosis and treatment methods

What is multiple sclerosis? What are the causes of this disease?


What Is  Multiple Sclerosis ?

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that is seen in the brain and spinal cord. This disease is referred to as MS briefly. The disease is common neurological disease in young adults.Disease usually seen in children between the ages of 20 and 40 Ms, although there are also risks.

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The exact cause of the disease is unknown but is believed to arise due to genetic and environmental factors. The disease is often observed in the central nervous system. Disease is classified as autoimmunity. The failure to recognize its own cells the immune system autoimmunity is a state of.

Gives many signs of MS disease. These symptoms differ from each other. MS disease is a serious disease that should be taken into consideration. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment is important.

What Are The Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis?

Many MS symptoms. The recent complaints in some cases of MS, at the same time can be seen. Motion system, sensory system, cerebellum, optic nerve, and visual pathways in the brain, together with the impact of the findings.


multiple skleroz teshisi ve tedavi yontemleri - Multiple sclerosis diagnosis and treatment methods

Common symptoms in these four systems, happens quite often. With serious symptoms of MS disease is felt. The symptoms may point to different diseases. Therefore complaints should be taken into consideration. There are four different common findings outside the system. These are;

  • Involuntary movements
  • Contractions
  • Epilepsy seizures
  • Sexual disorders
  • Urinary incontinence
  • My urine reach
  • Urination
  • Memory problems
  • Mental health problems

Motion system

  • Weakness in half the body
  • Weakness in the legs
  • Weakness in the arms
  • Stiffness in the joints
  • Contractions of the joints
  • Partial paralysis
  • Extreme fatigue

Sensory system

  • Numbness and burning in the arms
  • Burning and numbness in the legs
  • Sensory reduction
  • The rise of the senses
  • Decreased sensation in the body


  • Hand tremors
  • Difficulty walking
  • Speech difficulties
  • Increase speed on eye movement
  • Stand upright

The optic nerve and of the visual pathways in the brain

  • Vision loss
  • Blurred vision color
  • Double vision
  • Stained vision


Multiple Sclerosis Causes

There are many theories about the cause of the disease multiple sclerosis, but the exact cause is unknown. Research many factors have been identified. Still no definitive cause identified as a result of research about the factors has not been found. According to some research, is caused by an unidentified virus, it is believed.


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Another study is stated to be the cause of disorders of the immune system. According to other research due to viruses and germs is thought to develop as a result of destruction of the central nervous system. Different research it is said to occur due to genetic predisposition.


Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis disease may be diagnosed with a single method. Many testing for this disease and inspection method is applied. With these techniques, a definitive diagnosis is suggested. This is the first neurological history of the patient are taken into account. MRI findings after neurological examination is required. In some cases, cerebrospinal fluid is taken. In some cases, biopsy and electrophysiologic tests are performed. As a result of the method applied, a definitive diagnosis is suggested.

  • Neurological examination
  • MR
  • Biopsy
  • Electrophysiological tests


Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Methods

A variety of methods are used for the treatment of multiple sclerosis disease. The goal of treatment in MS is that the patient can lead a normal life. Therefore care must be taken to control the symptoms and attacks first. The progression of the disease is tried to be prevented. The method that works for the treatment of MS for continuous improvement.


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Protective Treatment

Protective treatment method in the treatment of Ms, an application is made for in the course of the disease. Protective drug therapy in the treatment is applied. In this way, has tried to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. At the same time hindered the progress of the disease. Protective treatment method, under the skin, is applied by injection into the vein and into Nov there are treatment options that.

Symptoms And Treatment Options

Treatment of the symptoms takes a long time. Therefore treatment should proceed under medical supervision.

Attack Treatment

Cortisone is used in the treatment of MS attacks. Cortisone drugs are used to treat this disease, although there are side effects. Therefore the doctor prescribed cortisone medication within the time and the dose should be used. Cortisone treatment can be performed either standing, under the supervision of a doctor or health centers.



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