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WHAT IS DIARRHEA - Natural Constipation Treatment

In society about the causes and treatment of diarrhea which is one of the most common health problems we do know all the details.


In society, which is one of the most common health problems diarrhea, a condition where the stool is watery than normal. Which is why you went to the toilet frequently with diarrhea, in some cases, it may cause your body to lose water. There are so many factors that are used to drugs eating habits diarrhea may be caused by.

Some of the causes of diarrhea means more consumption of food. Characterized as mild or acute diarrhea, infections, malnutrition, drug interactions, such as irritable bowel syndrome and may occur. However, the disease is not considered diarrhea in no time. Diarrhea,polifaktoriyel is defined as a symptom of induced.

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The large intestine where water is absorbed in the body the main. Of the large intestine and excreted with the stool in the intestines cannot absorb enough water in some cases water. In this case, if the aqueous is excreted in feces per day to about 200 grams of diarrhea can be reported. Diarrhea which can be life threatening if it continues for long time, after the diagnosis of pneumonia in children under 5 years of age are among the causes of most deaths.

In the process of the patient’s diarrhea, it is recommended to pay attention to diet, and consume foods that are easy to digest. It is recommended that patients consume plenty of fluids during this period, while it was also stated that one should abstain from alcohol consumption. The addition of alcohol foods that should be avoided and others; caffeine, spicy foods, dairy products, fatty foods and foods that contain high fiber.

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Gold Seal Weed

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In cases of inflammatory diarrhea as a result of infection, golden seal herb too has benefited from since the old days. Goldenseal plant, especially in the “Barber” of the article is stated to be quite effective against infectious diarrhea. The herb goldenseal tea, you can consume it in different forms such as tablets or capsules.

In barber’s article, the benefits of goldenseal side effects of the plant there is the question of far. Pregnant women and children as it may cause miscarriage in pregnancy which is harmful to this article, children can touch the liver.

As with all herbal products usage in the consumption of products containing goldenseal dosage should be considered. Otherwise, if consumed in excess, you can get undesirable results. Therefore, you should start to consume before using these products consult your doctor and after receiving approval.


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The benefits of chamomile that are the harbingers of spring are endless. Offering effective solutions in the face of many health problems, chamomile is quite useful against diarrhea.According to the results of scientific research, it stated that neutralize the bacteria that cause infections in the intestines of daisies. Thanks to this feature, helps relieve irritation and inflammation from occurring in the intestines. If you are experiencing problems, you can easily diarrhea chamomile tea.



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From menstrual cramps blood circulation as well as offering effective solutions in the face of many other health problems, blueberries may alleviate the problem of diarrhea. However, in the treatment of diarrhea, dried blueberries should be consumed. Otherwise consumed fresh blueberries can make diarrhea worse. Also a blood thinner, people who use drugs should abstain from the consumption of blueberries, it is stated that the.



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Ginger, which is regarded as a source of healing, since ancient times, used in the treatment of disorders of the digestive system. The kitchen, which is one of the imperatives of using the food you can consume ginger. Especially against diarrhea that accompanies the nausea, ginger should be consumed. However, heart and diabetes patients should abstain from the consumption of ginger is stated. Another important point to be considered is the amount of usage in the consumption of ginger. Excessive consumption of ginger may worsen diarrhea.

Raspberry Leaf

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In the face of a diarrhea problem herbal raspberry leaf, which is one of the most preferred treatment, the content of the “cereal” article from occurring in the intestinal wall due to irritation reduces. When consumed as cold raspberry leaf tea can relieve stomach disorders and diarrhea. Raspberry leaves tea from leaves will be enough for at least 10 minutes to get to boil.

Herbs Cream

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Aubergine weed, usually used as a last resort. Kinds heal, and in cases of recurrent diarrhea, grass-cream will benefit from. Aubergine in the grass is quite high and the ratio of the fiber mass a fiber will attract water in the intestines which creates. Thanks to the mass of the formed fiber, the stool solidifies and prevents diarrhea.

Cream you should consult your doctor before using the herb. In this process, and otherwise interacts with any medication that is consumed can lead to negative consequences.Especially people who use antidepressants and diabetes medication, you should avoid absolutely the use of aubergine from seed.

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Green Tea

Tea has a rich fiber content which is very effective for diarrhea Yesil. Consumed as tea mixed with honey and hot Yesil especially good for diarrhea.


Brewed Black Tea

Dehydration occurs due to diarrhea. Serious consequences of diarrhea can occur due to increased fluid loss in the case of long. Plenty of brewed black tea should be consumed to replace lost body water loss.


Located in our news, written and compiled from different sources of visual content to be created, a letter of suggestions and information. Constitutes the definitive diagnosis and treatment. In the face of any health problem contact your doctor.

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