Natural protection from mosquitoes

mosquito bites - Natural protection from mosquitoes

Mosquitoes, usually living in humid and cool environments, are tiny blood-sucking nightmares that turn summer months into nightmares… We don’t know if anyone loves mosquitoes, but there are millions of people who want to be protected. Mosquitoes, which usually sabotage sleep at night, come to the body temperature and carbon dioxide during the night. For this reason, usually the buzz ends at the bottom of our ears. Male mosquitoes do not bite, female mosquitoes store blood. With little tips, you can enjoy beautiful summer evenings without being exposed to sivrinselek attacks.

In the summer days, the dark clothes you wear are literally a shelter for them. Be sure to wear light clothing.

Moist moist areas are especially preferred by mosquitoes. Take a shower often.

Keep sodium lamps on your garden and balcony. It allows mosquitoes to come less and save electricity. In addition, installing flywheel on your Windows will be one of the easiest and most practical solutions.

They don’t like the smell of clove oil, lavender oil and orange peel. These oils, which you can use as a pleasant body lotion during summer nights, will protect you from Mosquito attacks.

When the tea tree oil, eucalyptus and peppermint oil are applied to the bite area, it will take a few seconds and it will quickly repair that area.

Pure vanilla is one of the methods that can be used as a hedge from flies. The vanilla oil placed at pulse points will make you invisible in a sense and will help you avoid bites.

The cloves on the green lemon will also help keep the flies away from your home.

Place potting and lavender on the glass edges of your house. Basil and lavender mosquitoes have a natural effect on the repellent.

Finally, benefit from the benefits of technology! Run the program at night or in the afternoon on your mobile phone where you can install mosquito repellent software and enjoy hot summer evenings!

For those who are in trouble with mosquitoes, the nightmare of summer months is another natural and practical solution!

If you are a user of chemical-based fly repellent, this is the news for you. Tea tree oil is the only thing that stops itching and flies enjoy the buffet.

You can use the tea tree oil sold in many cosmetic markets or imported for mosquito bites.

What you’re going to do is simple.


Apply a few drops of tea tree oil to the spray bottle and rinse with fresh water. Then spray on your skin. Your natural hive is ready to protect you from fly bites, which has the ability to become antiseptic driers in inflammation, acne and so on!

If you can’t get rid of the mosquito attack and you’re bitten, drop a drop of tea tree oil into the bite area. In a few minutes, your eyebrow will be cut and the swelling will return to its original state, so there will be no scars.

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