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WHAT IS SINUSITIS - Natural Sinusitis Treatment

Which is one of the common respiratory diseases in the society we do know natural and herbal treatment methods for sinusitis.


Sinus; nose, forehead, temple and around the eye are hollow air filled cavities. The magnitudes are different from each other through the channels of the sinuses into the nose.Mucus produced by the mucosa of the nose and last of these channels came into the airways ensures that it stays wet and damp. However, in the case of sinusitis, the inflammation of the mucosa that develops.

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Those who smoking and alcohol use, as well as the degradation of certain infections in diabetic persons, depending on the resistance of the body, sinusitis may occur. In some people there is a higher risk of developing sinusitis. Sinusitis in people who are predisposed against the nose of the structure in the curve of the nasal bone to make it difficult for her to breathe and be a problem in situations like Cyrillic are observed. Sinusitis makes people more sensitive to these conditions by blocking the flow of mucus. If you have a cold usually lasts for more than a week if sinusitis is suspected.

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The main symptoms of sinusitis; your face, eyes and pain in the head. Coughing, lifting something heavy or during exacerbation of pain due to a pressure increase within of the sinus is seen. At the same time applied pressure to the aching area, is the subject of increased sensitivity to pain.

Sinusitis is one of the symptoms that cause nasal discharge and the other. Usually yellowish or greenish discharge from occurring unilaterally in color. In case of inflamed spread to the respiratory tract of the nose, bronchitis, or cough may cause. In addition, the patient hoarseness, sore throat, fever, inability to smell, fatigue, symptoms such as nausea and vomiting may also be observed.

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Eucalyptus oil : Natural eucalyptus oil which is quite effective in treating sinusitis, the opening of the sinuses, allowing the patient to breathe more easily and helps to relax. Steam method is usually implemented with eucalyptus oil.

Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil into hot water and breathe the Steam for a while. However, please be careful not to get in the eyes of steam. In this way, and what will it mean for your sinuses to be opened quickly. Peppermint oil mixed with eucalyptus oil can also provide relief by driving your head, but your oil avoid contact with eyes.

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Steam treatment : steam is most preferred for the treatment of sinusitis caused by medical treatment, which is one of the natural ways can soften. Boil the water and breathe the vapor quantity in the event you can breathe easier and you can have open your sinus passages clogged.

Breathe you should breathe through the nose boiled water vapor. For this it is recommended to fast and take a deep breath. In this way, easier breathing can make. The treatment of steam as well as showering with hot water can be useful.

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Hot towel :the hot towel treatment which helps in softening of the sinuses one of the methods application. Putting on the towel soaked with hot water, you can soften your sinus passages and reduce inflammation your sinus passages.

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Onions and garlic : onion and garlic serve as a source of natural healing is described as the antibiotic of. Eat plenty of onion and garlic instead of antibiotic drugs in the treatment of sinusitis. In this way, you can minimize headaches and sinusitis increased due to reduce inflammation.

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Massage : frequent massage method that you can apply in the day to provide effective relief in a short time. Head by massaging with a circular motion with your fingers into the bridge of the nose, you can relieve your pain. In this way, you may feel an effective relief in a short time.


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