Natural Solutions Against Wrinkles

WHAT CAUSES WRINKLES - Natural Solutions Against Wrinkles

Inadequate skin care, foods consumed and environmental conditions, due to advancing age wrinkles from occurring on the skin care regimen it can be controlled with natural.



A nightmare especially for women, and described as a sign of aging wrinkles unpleasant and unkempt appearance. Wrinkles are inevitable due to various factors of advancing age and sometimes at an earlier age start to appear. Natural methods that will prevent or even reduce wrinkles with age it is able to be applied prior to increased.

The flexibility of the skin that the collagen protein called which is evident with the release of wrinkles and deepening environmental conditions, lack of maintenance, and due to ultraviolet rays, can be seen at an earlier age. Early in the formation of wrinkles at the same time,intense sun exposure, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, excessive make-up , and stress is considered one of many factors, such as the causes of wrinkle formation.

To prevent the formation of wrinkles early, and avoid the factors that will damage the structure of the skin the skin should be thoroughly cleaned. Business or life-you need makeup before going to bed at night not necessarily because of the desire to appear groomed frequently cleaned and moisturized skin should be. Otherwise, it triggers the wrinkle formation, which can cause various skin problems like acne at such an early age.

Which is the initial cause of many diseases , stress, skin health in a very large place.Excessive stress, causes distortions in the appearance of tired skin and skin structure and more. Stress as well as exposure to the sun’s rays can cause staining of the skin.


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In order to prevent early aging of the skin, the first should be fed healthy and the skin should be kept clean. Makeup remaining on the skin for a long time causes clogging pores and prevents the skin to breathe. For this reason, enable the skin to breathe and prevent the occurrence of acne in the skin regularly and the skin should be applied.

Especially Wrinkle dry skin due to drying and wrinkling of the skin keep moisture referred to in the problem causes. For this reason, continuously and regularly keep the skin moist and dry skin with the care necessary to support vegetable oil.



At the beginning of the treatment methods used in natural skin care, no doubt olive oil.Moisturizing helps to keep the skin soft while at the same time. A powerful antioxidant olive oil which is plenty of content in the source, and E vitamins contains.

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The skin more healthy and well-groomed appearance should be applied by massaging the skin with olive oil on behalf of acquire. Thus, it more easily penetrates the lower layers of the skin and helps in regeneration of skin cells.

A skin care regimen is a sine qua non of olive oil, which is, to be free of the skin Dead Cellsand helps you regain a more healthy appearance. A quantity of glycerin that is added into the honey and the olive oil helps to get results in a shorter period.



Which is very rich in vitamin C, lemon helps in purifying the skin of dead cells and nutrition.Frequently used in cosmetic products and skin care regimen in the context of a lemon, firm the skin by providing the skin wrinkled against stains and offers an effective solution.

Use lemon juice in skin care alone, you can. You can massage your skin and rinse after 15 minutes with some lemon juice. Also add the lemon juice, honey, yogurt and vitamin E will help you get more effective results.


The first thing that comes to mind when one speaks of skin care among vegetable oils,sweet almond oil . Many cosmetic skin care products as well as prepared to the content of the globe is located. Rich in content, refreshes and nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals.

Sweet almond oil is known to prevent the signs of aging with wrinkles that is used in the regeneration of the skin and helps nourish the skin. If you want to achieve yourself almond oil, a cup of milk, add the almonds into 3-4 pieces and let it stand all night. In the milk, peel the skins of the almonds and beat until the consistency of a paste pending. The obtained viscous paste of almonds your skin crawl and a 30-minute waiting period after the rinse. You can repeat this app every day.

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