Nov anabolic and breakfast-Made

ANABOLIC BREAKFAST FOODS - Nov anabolic and breakfast-Made

Breakfast for bodybuilders just how important is it? Nov foods to be consumed at breakfast-making affect? What are foods that you can consume the anabolic in the morning? Here are the answers…


Anabolic means constructive means Nov. Anabolic food a food that makes it easy for you to do on Nov. High nutritional value foods, is indispensable for body builders. Are easy to process by metabolism, and are vital for the repairing of the tissues.

What you consume is just as important anabolic nutrients at breakfast? For most experts, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. During the night, the body remaining hungry for the foods that will be taken in the morning is very important. The metabolism to consume nutritious foods for breakfast to be ready for the day wake up and care should be taken.

The UKaccording to research, anabolic breakfast is very important that that is applied between the two groups demonstrated by experiment. Two groups of scientists, the athlete first group carbohydrates and fats while in the second group meals, mainly protein and carbohydrate food mainly.

spor ve saglikli beslenme - Nov anabolic and breakfast-Made

At the end of 12 weeks of protein and carbohydrates while consuming fats of melting and mass increase is observed in groups Nov, carbohydrate, and fat people and fat tissue development a little slow and there has been an increase in the muscles.

According to the results from this research, protein and carbohydrate-heavy diet is just as important. Stay away from more sugary and fatty foods at breakfast will have a positive impact on the development on Nov. Rich foods means foods that contain protein is so anabolic. When you consume these foods for breakfast, your body and your muscles is very important.



kahvalti - Nov anabolic and breakfast-Made

Anabolic breakfast before moving on to consume the dishes that you can use for breakfast meal should contain high carbohydrates balanced with protein and healthy fats of the nutrients you will. The most beautiful and healthy fat is olive oil. Breakfast should be missing from genuine olive oil.

Balanced ratio of carbohydrates to protein should be consumed with the intent to use.Proteins, carbohydrates when nutrients are processed without the benefit of falling. Long-lasting energy provides a clean carb sources , you can do this easily. For those who wonder about the source of the most clean and healthy carbohydrates oats and Bran.

Anabolic foods that can be consumed for breakfast here:



yumurta sarisi 003 - Nov anabolic and breakfast-Made

Takes place between the healthiest types of protein. One of the essential nutrients for bodybuilders. Egg whites, lean protein and between proteins for most people the most important for providing natural protein. Rich mineral content, vitamins and many other useful athlete with a complete friend. 1 egg, 7 grams protein. Make an omelet from a few egg whites with a protein rich breakfast you will make will be very useful.



yogurt 003 - Nov anabolic and breakfast-Made

Natural yogurt is one of the foods highest in terms of protein. The important part of our culture and we are introduced to the world in a cup of yogurt with the same name, 23 g protein . In addition to protein, yogurt along with probiotic bacteria taken into the body.These bacteria in the intestines is beneficial. Also included are important for the health of rich minerals and oil.

Milk has lower protein content than yogurt and cheese. 100 ml milk, 3.3 g protein. Thirst for good food which is milk, low fat higher protein when consumed as a contains. While full fat milk has 31 grams of protein in 1 liter of low-fat milk, the rate is 34 grams.



yulafin yararlari - Nov anabolic and breakfast-Made

Protein from animal foods with high values of oats and Bran with them even though they are not close to the degree of protein should be consumed. They have the fibers that is beneficial to the digestive system. Carbohydrates balanced with protein, because they contain of your body at the same time the developers themselves at their breakfast they roam. Clean the body with carbohydrates to form long-term energy source. In the morning, bananas, strawberries, apples and dried fruit when consumed with your body and invigorate your muscles will make a positive impact on development.



ton baligi - Nov anabolic and breakfast-Made

Marine creatures are not as rich as the protein in red meat, although fish, with some exceptions. The most beautiful example is tuna. High in protein, omega fatty acids and minerals, anabolic nutrients, literally, with the facility. It’s not so easy to be consumed tuna in the morning. Also people who don’t like to do breakfast when I think of tuna as a spectacular meal plays the role of Savior Dec. Those who consume a low protein in the tuna will sort out the situation to make breakfast meal Dec. For this reason, we can incorporate it into the tuna anabolic breakfast.




protein omlet - Nov anabolic and breakfast-Made

Curds, eggs, offers meals that are rich in both protein and carbohydrates. Next, vitamin and mineral intake by eating vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes. When preparing, keep to a minimum the use of oil, and careful attention to the use of olive oil is essential. 4 egg whites, 1 yolk and 3 tablespoons of curd omelet with out prepare, will provide approximately 40 grams of protein around.



muzlu yulaf - Nov anabolic and breakfast-Made

Oats are rich in carbohydrates and fiber. You can keep your blood sugar steady for very long and are heavy to digest. Banana with milk and add him to prepare a meal that is rich in protein and minerals. While doing this, 5 tablespoons of oat in a blender, 1 banana, and 1 cup of milk, breaking of bread down, you can achieve a pasty consistency. It can change the taste by adding a little cinnamon and ricotta, you can increase the amount of protein.



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Peanut butter is one of the favorite foods of body builders. Between the two slices of wholemeal bread has peanut syrup, sliced bananas on your meal assembled, you can make a sweet. Rich in carbohydrates and protein, this sandwich according to your taste by adding cinnamon and walnuts into can enhance.


4. A protein shake or protein SMOOTHIE

proteinli milkshake - Nov anabolic and breakfast-Made

If you are one who doesn’t love the breakfast in the morning or have time to eat breakfast if you are unable to make a milkshake with whey protein powder you can prepare that will come to your rescue. When he wakes in the morning, a scoop of protein powder with milk when you put it in a blender and mix it with high protein and long-term it would have been a breakfast to digest. The mixture according to your taste, banana, strawberry or watermelon you can add. Combine it with a smoothie and a few pieces of ice on hot summer days in the form of a daily, will be both refreshing and nutritious.

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