Overly ambitious and most expensive Phone of the space age meet: Hubble phone

Turing Robotics, went bankrupt after failed attempts in the smart phone market.Starting to move again out of the ashes about to be born, by 2020 when the company will begin to produce the Hubble design details have emerged about the Admiral the name of the phone.

How do you get the screen of your smartphone? Ask this question and the answer is that it’s not Turing the figures. The phone of the company since Hubble in the design of “multi-screen”. A handheld camera designed in the form of clamshell Nokia N90 a period of legend, remember? For today this phone is pretty chock appearing drew attention to the structure of the body. Time passed, he tried the keys, they came on the screen; it’s thin body, cameras shrank.

cbb2e0ea0a19aa1c788d65707b9db6744c641bf0 - Overly ambitious and most expensive Phone of the space age meet: Hubble phone

Turing, later to explain the sinking of the initiative the success it has achieved in the past year, however did not give up. N90 slightly reminiscent of a more modern version now Nokia, is working on a device with a screen in almost every place. Frankly, since we don’t have yet in the flesh it’s hard to say.

Foldable clamshell design so much in display unit will make the device quite sensitive. Also, we see that X on the Home screen similar to iPhone notch. This notch, original work of the company who are doing more than making bad choices doesn’t make sense. Still quite often it seems the lines of the device.

A series of Hubble with the camera on the phone, according to a statement from the company, making it even easier for people to communicate. It is said that the main camera of the device will feature a 15x optical zoom, this is an extremely ambitious level.

7610a4a60f5faccc7bc2e05b11491a56aa815d2b - Overly ambitious and most expensive Phone of the space age meet: Hubble phone

Yet Hubble’s claims alleged that the phone company will have discontinued 855 Snapdragon processor chip, according to Qualcomm have already achieved. Turing’s insight about this is extremely fluffy. When the company goes down, one of the biggest reasons was that it failed to fulfill its promises.

5G by 2020 planned to be launched with the support device to be produced, will remain in the memory as perhaps Turing’s imaginary. Frankly, it is very difficult to recover from the loss of the company’s reputation. And Hubble still explain a price for the phone is $ 2750, we should note that it is recommended that label.

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