Panacea Onion

Onion - Panacea Onion

The onions next to the property antibiotic cataracts, anemia, blood pressure, cholesterol, and appeared to be mosquito bites as the drug for many diseases.

Revealed very unpopular because of the onion scent especially after dinner, with the opening of the war on cancer and antibiotic effects, diabetes, cholesterol, anemia, blood pressure, and should be consumed frequently by many experts as a panacea because it is mosquito bites is recommended.

Which increases the resistance of the body
strengthens the body’s defense system. Colds, coughs and bronchitis are good foods.Strengthens the immune system, increase resistance of the body and gives strength. In the body bad cholesterol and high blood pressure lowering property. Appetite and it facilitates digestion.

kotu koku - Panacea Onion

A solution to the smell of parsley
when consumed every day a medium sized onion and squeezed the juice after grating, ensures high protection against cancer. Eat yogurt and mix diabetics, while diabetic and non-onion juice and mix with honey to you can drink it. The smell of parsley is to eat the greatest solution to resolve this the perfect saver.

kirmizi sogan - Panacea Onion

Red onions are more potent antioxidant 
that provides protection from cancer of the root part of the onion is the richest in terms of the component section. To a certain extent, all types of onion antioxidant include red onions, white onions antioxidant source that is stronger than is stated.

The benefits of onion juice 
for cancer: in 2011, according to a study to be published in gastoenterelogy regularly consume red onion in gastric cancer plays a protective role. In a study conducted by Cornell University, the antioxidant property of the onion from the liver and colon cancer is stated.

In a survey of 32 countries, the number of deaths due to prostate cancer in countries that consume more onions than those who consume considerably less. The incidence of deaths from prostate cancer in the UK, Hong Kong consume more onions, more than it is known that Iran and Turkey.

The benefits of onion juice 
Cataract: eating onions and onion juice regularly has been demonstrated in studies to significantly reduce the risk of cataracts.
Anemia: rich in iron if you are keen to consume foods that are nutritional to your list, you must add onions. A medium onion contains about 0.2 mg of iron daily iron needs and this amount of 1% is equivalent to.

tansiyon - Panacea Onion
Blood pressure: quercetin in the onion called” the component that helps to control blood pressure and reduce blood pressure in patients with hypertension.
Cholesterol: Dr. Victor Gurewich according to Tufts University, eating a raw onion in the daily low cholesterol cholesterol patients a 30% upgrade helped, he said. Especially high cholesterol, fatty bad cholesterol protects your arteries from the negative effects of eating onions along with the meat dishes.
Diabetes: It has features onion food rich in fiber, prevents fluctuations in blood sugar that occurs due to the consumption of a small amount of food and fiber is good for constipation.Onions a source of foods that help to lower the level of glucose at the same time.

sinek isiriklari - Panacea Onion
Insect bites: minor burns and onions which results in a short time for the treatment of minor cuts, mosquito bites or the introduction of the expulsion of the water with the tip of the finger is cut the itching soon.

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