Parallel Universes

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The Nazis perhaps in another universe they won the war, and that the universe is ruled by the Nazis. The dinosaurs they became extinct. They managed to cut the higher rungs of their evolution and they continued their life by getting stronger and maybe are still continuing. In another universe, the human race may live until 200 years old. Aids, cancer and other deadly diseases in there history. These thoughts taken from a science fiction novel or a movie does it seem as imaginary? No. These are located in the quantum world, ideas from the theory of parallel universes.And moreover, this theory is no longer accepted kuantumcu phenomenon.

Today, the name we’ve heard a lot this term, 1954, Princeton University, by PhD student Hugh Everett introduced it had been many years essentially based on the basis of a theory.

In 1954, Hugh Everett a great mathematician and kuantumcu is taken, the parallel universe theory is based on serious data.

What Is The Scientific Explanation Of The Parallel Universe Theory?

K9844 kuantum mekanigi2 300x192 - Parallel Universesuantum physics such as solid mechanics to understand a complex topic is very important in terms of our understanding of the knowledge of him that we have to explain to people who aren’t following you, although with the intention to simplify the situation a bit.
Examines the behaviour of atomic and subatomic quantum physics. Quantum studies of the atom with electrons in orbit around the nucleus in orbit that is not in the same place from time to time, has identified that emerged at different points. Once Upon a time, those who say, considering the atom is indivisible, the atom and subatomic particles within the atom the smallest item in the image divided up the rules that are created in this line protons, neutrons atomic particles such as mentioned that quantum physics has created more open-minded get a look just because it should be remembered.

We still let’s get back to our main topic. Quantum physics of subatomic particles follow the same trajectory was observed in different places that did not noticed that. Well, what does this mean? In short this means that when calculating the location of an electron can not be calculated exactly.

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Exactly this situation in 1927 Werner Heisenberg explains the Uncertainty principle of the law.

Hugh Everett, the theory has adapted to our world of uncertainty. How? Everything that mikrokozmoz microcosmos. A little more on the subject sum it up, if Hugh Everett briefly have the following result: sub-behaviour of electrons which can be observed at the atomic level, i.e., if it is able to appear in different places, not necessarily a parallelism between the smallest and the biggest item of the universe with the article, why or in other words parallel universes, alternative universes?

B9844 einstein 300x227 - Parallel Universessuch tremendous and unusual idea in 1954, of course, drew a very big response. Leading scientists of the period, especially Niels Bohr, Hugh Everett’s absurd and delusional idea that has been considered.

Hugh Everett’s theory was to be more persistent, but the information seed the earth, scientists and scientist living at that time then now to live into the minds of the candidates.

To strengthen the foundations of this theory with Einstein’s relativity theory began. Space-time mathematically proven by Einstein to be crooked as well as the satellite orbits deviates from nowadays and the deviation of the space-time was proven to be crooked once again. These shifts of time the alternative so in other words, was pointing to a parallel universe.

When I lived in another universe our universe part of time called now finished or could it be that stands in the future that haven’t happened yet already happened?

This theory of everything called m theory, which is known as a hypothesis was made more understandable with briefly. More 11-dimensional m theory string theory the universe is known with the name tells you so.

This dimension may not be visible with our eyes, but the human eye with oscillating resonance fields these fields cannot be selected, although for small entities than a person, for example, a type of plankton or a tiny insect taken on the road to, turn left or right, and in this sense are those which have a size. In this form, however, may step down to the level of those assets or if we could observe with the necessary equipment, we can detect these fields.

In the meantime, m theory, metaphysics and Parapsychology to alanlarinc it should be noted that a theory that is being studied. To conclude this thesis with a metaphysical fiction of parallel universe that it would be very unfortunate. Now the experimental environment is not exactly a mistake to think that the things that we can’t prove it.As a matter of fact, we provide just a small entity in the field of resonance for us, we live in areas that cannot see, walk it, it is actually a size we can get down to her level and if that area and let me remind you that we can detect observations that can be made in the necessary environment did not yield precise results can sometimes be misleading, because everything is observed where the double-slit experiment remember.

Can we carry these theories to everyday life and Physics?

Complex physics theories of parallel universes or alternate universes to be able to adapt to everyday life and it is certainly possible to understand.

In Everyday Life, Parallel Universe

Gu9844 dinazor5 300x225 - Parallel Universesdaily programme into your life like you always do instead of a return to company Service has gone home from work that day and the service did make it to your job. For this reason, you had to use the subway. Service vehicle involved in an accident and been hurt so many friends. However, if you saw an old school friend on the subway. Your friend is working in a managerial position in a big company exactly in a position suitable for you and says an employee is urgently needed. Money right now from the company you are working and conditions of working is much better. Moreover, you are clear.Your career goals quickly and confidently you are much more likely to arrive than the company that you are now higher. Thanks to this coincidence, another alternative way of your life, Drew, and another reality you have created for yourselves. Here’s what we call a parallel universe created by the decisions you will make and each step you take is a world of infinite possibilities.

The universe we live in, other decisions and choices we’ve ever experienced have you ever thought that you might be taking a step to other universes?

Deja vu messages from parallel universes?

Every move we make, every sentence we say, every step can create different realities, what I’m saying is that entity in the universe is doing what? The decision which has opened the doors for him, or he shut the door in his face? When you say that I wish I hadn’t done that thing you didn’t do another reality, What Are you doing now?

Coming at a time in our mind, ‘Oh! I had experienced this moment before the thought” What does it actually mean? It’s very simple. The moment we think that we have lived before, actually, another reality, a parallel universe is a reflection of a decision or we do not give we give to. Which is ironic, or not, whatever you decide, your life will bring you back to the point where you are now. Errors called fabulous author Heather Mcelhatton is the book which we think will be a great option for the example given.

Movies, Documentaries and TV series in the world of parallel universes

The subject of parallel universes is so common, it can be processed in the world of film and TV series?

El9844 heisenberg 300x236 - Parallel Universesbette movie or series as may be breakaway from logic, parallel universe theory, strict adherence to robust scenarios, having the sub-text strong, processed, and made a research about quite a few in charge to the Director samples as we can find movies and series that were produced, a documentary you can find in the world of Internet.Them briefly to give you an example, American company, made by bad robot, fringe TV series, Director James Ward Byrkit, 2014 , American Coherence, made in 1998, in the role played by the head of Gwyneth Paltrow sliding doors( what a coincidence) 2011 another earth, source code starred Jake gyllenhaal( Code of Life), 2 004 construction, which starred Ashton Kutcher in the butterfly effect, Donnie Darko 2001, built in desk.Able to extend the list much more on the internet, but any search engine can be accessed from the source arrays is written to or when movies about parallel universes, and the main topic of this article series and movies because they are not going to give an example of that right now, this story that tells the scientists (michio Kaku, Alex Filippenko from the University of Berkley,etc.) with a video for now we’re on the subject.


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