Parents and child discipline tips

child discipline - Parents and child discipline tips
cocuk disiplini - Parents and child discipline tips

Child discipline tips for deciding to place them in a situation where you need to be careful about. The child’s questions, instead of answering their children’s mothers and fathers.

In terms of child discipline, mothers and fathers who decided to Tips instead

This type in the United States parents “Helicopter parent”, so “Helicopter mom and dad” is called. There is even a very well known cartoon, there is a helicopter on top of the mother of the child is best when there is a need for small runs, yetisiverir to help. Child training tips is true in terms of the behavior of parents, the child’s sweat instead of putting a towel on his back immediately in the child -for example, after playing football when he felt he was sweating and his shirt needed to change is to teach.

Compare With The Other Children In Terms Of Child Discipline

A child of our own to show the example of the behavior of other children, to compare them with our children, vilify, and reproaches with our child positive discipline tips to run the model if we look at the behavior of many children: is not possible! Our child with another child to compare with, compare to serve as an example of the behavior of another child, your child will have a negative impact with your communication.

Child Discipline Tips In Terms Of “Mis” Make It Look Like

cocukta disiplin - Parents and child discipline tipsLoved, cared, not because you need to act like you care about make sure that guys understand that. One thing the kids sincerely insincere and they feel so good. Our son said, Desire, thoughts, and feelings we’re pretending to care about. We promise, but we don’t, we have made a commitment to him, but instead bring you don’t have time for him we’re saying We’re, but we need to have. In this case, the child “-mis” like we did and feel the discipline of children in terms of a negative effect. After this stage, no longer when you request something from your child, that’s how they will start to ask questions that are realistic and necessary.

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