Passive Lifestyle Of The Damage To Your Brain

Passive Lifestyle - Passive Lifestyle Of The Damage To Your Brain

Passive lifestyle among the greatest problems of our age. According to scientists, revealed that life still is causing many health problems.

Medicine humans according to the physical development of its entirety after completingbrain cells was of the opinion that the development of stop. Research in recent years alone‘neuron’ is called a progressive development of brain cells, even at his age showed.Research, develop brain cells of immature people lived the lifestyle that it has nothing to do revealed. Results are more inclined to sleep, and still remaining the passive lifestyle away from the sport proved to be an obstacle to the development of brain cells adopt.

Research On Mice

Researchers sport a part of life that there are variations in the brain cells of those who become excellent says. At the same time fresh formation of neurons is ensured. Scientistsmice by separating them into two different groups the first group-the wheel mechanism of the instrument of in the cage, a second group, where you can move whenever they want in a big cage they put. The wheel system of the mice in the first group in the cage that is almost5 miles they’re running. A lot of other mice it doesn’t move. At the end of two months in the brain cells of the mice in the two groups, significant differences was observed to occur. The result is compared with the brain cells of mice living in a cage on wheels still systematic micethat developed revealed.


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The Problem Of The Century

Scientists in the mice in the experiment of passive life style, as the note that human biochemistry are also destroyed. Stay at the computer for hours, sitting for a long time watching TV, such as sedentary activities, together with the brain, of heart and vascular diseases lead to the emergence. Researchers of the health problems of the century living a passive life-style of the people to pursue the sport and he expressed that was caused by advises.

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