Physiological Changes In The Body During Pregnancy

body changes during pregnancy - Physiological Changes In The Body During Pregnancy

Physiological Changes In The Body During Pregnancy

Together with the development of the baby the mother’s body during pregnancy, physiological and hormonal will begin to see some changes. For those wondering, we shared our article for all of you.

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From the outset of pregnancy during the period of pregnancy the mother’s body shows the changes. In this process, develop and grow the baby while in the mother’s womb to grow with this process for the Mother, weight gain takes place. During pregnancy the mother’s body increases the amount of water in swelling and edema can lead. This process of the Mother, there is no need many vitamins. Is provided with food so taking supplements of vitamins and minerals that can be satisfied with.

Your gums are swollen or bleeding can be seen. As the baby grows, the pelvic bones start to widen and relax. During this period, the expansion of the rib cage. Also the increase in the heart rate observed during pregnancy. In addition, increases the frequency of urination, mothers can be seen coming to the mouth of the stomach. This reflux pregnancy they are called. The pituitary gland can grow very little during this period. During this period, the increase of the steroid hormone are also observed. Mucus production increases rather than decreases the production of acid in the stomach. During pregnancy increases the risk of gallstone production. Your wife constantly grow in the spine bending to occur. During this period, very little growth of the kidneys can be seen. Also during this period of mild expansion of the ureter is observed.

In the Mother during pregnancy, anemia may also occur. An increase in certain hormones and a decrease in others can be seen. Will there be any change in the mother’s respiratory rate. As shown, the initiation and continuation of pregnancy, many changes occur in the mother’s body. These changes together with the end of pregnancy, after a while reverts back to your old self.

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