Places To Visit In Belgium

places to visit in Belgium - Places To Visit In Belgium

Belgium, one of Western Europe’s most important countries. Located between the countries of the European Union, the country is home to international political and military centers of the communities. Approximately 1in a population of 1 million hosts Belgium 30.528 square kilometers, covers an area of.

Germany, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg around the country on the borders with countries (the Netherlands and Luxembourg) with a ‘Benelux‘ is called. The capital, Brussels, the country 1 Mo. century as a residential area began to be used.

One of Europe’s most important countries in terms of historical and tourist attractions in Belgium we have compiled some places to visit.


Great Palace

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The heart of the city in the city’s Town Hall, the museum, which is home to major institutions such as the Grote Square, the magnificent palace, is one of Belgium’s most important structures. A UNESCO World Heritage Site is situated in historic palace of 1800 sqm is recognized by giant carpet patterned on the front and chichewa. One of the most glamorous palaces in Europe, which is known as the Great Palace of Belgium is one of the tourist members.


St. Michael and St. gudula Cathedral

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Brussels, Belgium located in the Roman Catholic Church. 11. construction started in 1519 and completed a century places of worship that was opened. Completed in about 300 years, the church with Gothic architectural style was created. Each 64-foot, two enormous towers, places of worship, spiritual capital is one of the symbols of Brussels. The church achieved Cathedral status in 1962. The Cathedral is open for worship today, Belgium is one of the places historic.


Museum Of Musical Instruments

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In the centre of Brussels is a museum dedicated to instruments. This Royal Institution, the Museum of art and history is one of the branches. More than 8 thousand object in the museum, which is a world-renowned collection. After the First World War made numerous Donations to the Museum of musical instruments. A museum which houses many ancient musical instruments and modern style, has become a focus of interest for tourists.


The Grote Markt

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Located in the city of Bruges, the historic town square. ‘Sunday’ known as the challenge, it covers an area of approximately 1 hectare. Reconstructed in 1995 and 1996, except for taxis and tour buses to challenge the entry and exit of the vehicle is turned off. The buildings around the square in popular cafés, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. The challenge which is moving at all hours of the day, Belgium’s is one of the main sightseeing attractions.


The Atomium

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This memorial which is made for the fair in 1958 Expo 58, Brussels the capital of Belgium.Designed by André waterkeyn, the structure consisted of nine steel spheres, each with a height of 102 meters combining. Which is one of the attractions of Belgium the Atomium was inspired from the structure of the atom. The Atomium in Brussels is seen as the most important representation of modern architecture.


Peeing Boy Statue

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The Brussels peeing boy statue with a work that embodies. Bronze sculpture has a length of 61 cm, made from mineral. Naked little boy peeing into the fountain’s Basin is a thing depicted in these works. Designed by Hieronymus duquesnoy the elder, this building, was placed in 1618 or 1619 instead. Many legends about sculpture attracts tourists. You guys and your Belgium travel guide ‘, you must add the streets to discover.


Cambron Daiza

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Belgium located in the province of hainaut, animal and Botanical Garden. Covering an area of 55 hectares, the garden first opened in 1993 as the garden was only a bird. Even the world’s greatest the Zoo is located in the bird cages, but then was home to other animals and the volume has been expanded. Now more than 4 thousand animal species in this Zoo that hosts a large formation.


St. Bavo’s Cathedral

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Located in the city of Gent, Belgium the cathedral was built in 942. At the same time, the Archdiocese of the city, which operates as a centre of spiritual structure in the Gothic style was created. In 1038 was expanded in the Romanesque style. St. Bavo’s Cathedral with the highest point at 89 meters, takes its place as one of Europe’s most important sacred buildings. The trip to Ghent in Belgium you should definitely see this magnificent cathedral has become the symbol of.

The Cathedral Of The Virgin Mary

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Located in the city of Antwerp of Belgium, a Roman Catholic Church. Built between the years 1352 and 1521, the sacred building was created in Gothic architectural style. At a height of 123 meters, the Cathedral can accommodate 25 thousand people. The bell tower of the Cathedral is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The 120-metre-long spiritual building has a width of 75 metres.


Leuven Town Hall

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The city’s Grote Markt Square, located in front of St. Peter’s Church, the structure was built between 1448 1469 with. The late Gothic architectural style of the structure that is created with the architect Jan van der Eycken. Consoles are filled with niches and sculpture in the municipal building 236. Leuven has become the symbol of the building, which is home to a portrait of the mayor of the city since the year 1794.

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