Plants From Halitosis

What Plants Are Good For Bad Breath - Plants From Halitosis

A problem which is quite annoying, bad breath, tooth decay may occur depending on the cause of gastritis from many. If you are also suffering from this issue; our news you can find plants that addresses the smell of the mouth.

Halitosis is the person himself and around him a very disturbing condition. Halitosis due to gum disease and cavities, which can occur for a variety of reasons, usually occurs. However, bad breath may be the precursor of many diseases it should be noted that in the nature of.Besides, smoking, sinusitis, poor oral hygiene, and factors such as indigestion can cause bad breath.

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International Organization of oral health problems bad breath also survey, 85% stated that they stemmed from inadequate oral cleanliness. Accordingly, it is recommended to pay attention to oral hygiene and regular brushing of the teeth. In this way, you can reduce substantially the problem of bad breath. However, these reasons may not be valid always.Therefore, in spite of all precautions that you receive if you don’t see certainly any reduction in the problem of halitosis or dental ear, nose and throat doctor you should consult.

What Plants Are Good For Bad Breath?WHAT PLANTS ARE GOOD FOR BAD BREATH?


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Sage, which is quite effective against the problem of bad breath, especially bad breath due to gingivitis and other gum diseases. There are antibacterial properties in essential oils with sage. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, is highly effective in the fight against bacteria.Also sage, very strong in terms of antioxidant content. Thanks to all these features, not to eliminate the smell of the mouth, but the underlying reasons for fighting.


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One of the first plants that comes to mind when one speaks of the problem of halitosis clove, is one of the most effective herbal solutions for bad breath bad. Clove has a pungent smell and taste which, thanks to its antiseptic and antioxidant properties, is highly effective against bacteria and germs. Thanks to this feature, inhibit the growth of bacteria and germs.

Today, many at the restaurant after dinner, offers one of the cloves. The problem of halitosis, which is identical to clove, at the same time is of benefit to the digestive system. Grains you can chew the clove, clove powder and make tea with it you can consume. But you should avoid grains for a long time, chewing the clove. Otherwise your mouth may cause irritation.

Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera is widely used and which is regarded as a source of healing, it has a very wide range in terms of use. Known for his contributions to the health of the skin, aloe vera is very effective for bad breath. “B-sitosterol” which contain chemical substances called aloe vera stomach acid and relieving the inflammation of the digestive system diseases arising from regulatory eliminates the problem of halitosis.

Halitosis is the causes of acid reflux and aloe, which is highly effective against diseases of the digestive system such as indigestion, and Ray, you can use dilutes with water. A quarter-cup pure aloe vera extract for it by adding half a glass of water and melt. In this way, you can eliminate bad breath by minimizing gastric acid that can cause bad breath.


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Which has a nice cinnamon flavor, is one of the imperatives of the kitchen. An average 50 component containing aromatic cinnamon, fights bad breath by preventing the formation of bacteria in the mouth. Add cinnamon to your meals as you can in the form of mouthwash you can use. After cooling the mixture by adding a tablespoon of cinnamon in a liter of water, boil and gargle. In this way, you can eliminate the bad smell by preventing the formation of bacteria in the mouth.


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