Points to be considered parents in the education of children

cocuk2 - Points to be considered parents in the education of children

Points to be considered parents in the education of children

Little tips about how they behaved parents in children’s education. What are the duties of parents in the education of children? What are parents in their children’s education?


Educators, parents to raise well emphasizes some important points. Here is the basics of most of them…

cocuk1 - Points to be considered parents in the education of children

Do not argue with the child!

Children a word, the word, and take it very seriously, creating a discussion environment.FRnku, the child has a mind of its own wrong or right. Try to impose your own opinion you are wrong If you think sweet. Her a promise to take it seriously to respond to a behavior and anger. The child’s own logic. Try to impose your opinion of him with sweet words.

Don’t lie!

Children, adults lying when he saw it, It adopts it as a normal thing. Because it doubts the accuracy as a model of human behavior. And afterwards you experience difficulty while explaining that a wrong thing to lie. Adults lying when he saw that it adopts the boy as a usual thing. You won’t believe Him, then it was a bad thing to lie.

Don’t beat the kid!

Beating kids does not absolutely correct, it doesn’t make a good boy, and the contrary getaway paths deflects it. Stubborn, vicious and insidious, makes a boy. Does not correct the child for fear of beatings! Evasive paths deflects, reckless, vicious, insidious.

cocuk2 - Points to be considered parents in the education of children

Not To Be Harsh!

Faced with a backlash from parents, the child itself unavoidably de in such a way that behaviors. Hardness also uses it against you or others. He’s the guy who’s hardness you hardness of itself, it uses either against you or against others.

Be patient!

Don’t expect it to immediately fulfill everything you could want from the kid. Likes to listen to children’s Word. It makes sense what you said, even if he avoids doing right now. Then it makes voluntarily. Don’t expect it to immediately fulfill your advice. Found what you said true even if it doesn’t make it right, then voluntarily want to do.

Set An Example.

Your child you want him to do most of the things you must do and you must be the example.Am fear not! Children for various reasons, being alone, afraid of the dark. Ayiplayar your child to put it down. don’t If your child is not to be feared with the events, try to describe living. Your child you want him to do the things you do.


cocuk3 001 - Points to be considered parents in the education of children

Crime To Plant

“Silly, sassy, spoiled…” you say to yourself and your child makes a very bad impression on offensive words like stamps that they adopt. “Stupid”, “spoiled”, “sassy” to go with words like creates a very bad impact on the child. Your stamps if he shot himself adopts, and continues to be so.

Don’t act unconscionable!

A minor flaw, mistake grow very large and if you convert it into an event, drag him to insurrection and rebellion against you, then even that is too large it becomes to accept the defects. Be tolerant! Flaws, forgive your child by trying to show errors. The mistake the mistake finds itself, and if you regret it more beautiful and healthy, a change is observed. If you see a minor flaw like a huge flaw drag him to revolt against you, then does not even accept an even bigger flaw.

Don’t say won’t always get what you want!

Worthless to you, a little something your child may be too big a request. Try to look through his eyes, instead of looking at the events, consider putting yourself instead. Please excuse me if what he wanted is not harmful. It is a very worthless thing to you, it may be his greatest wish. Through his eyes see what he wants to be harmful if it is not please excuse me.

Show me the love.

Face find, a small number of parents that refuse to indulge themselves so they could show their love. This is incorrect behavior. Children wait for love, in need of love. Sevilig finds himself, if he loves you too. There are parents that refuse to show love to your child so you can find a hundred. Children love waits. If you know you love yourself, he loves you too.

Am Fear Not!

For a variety of reasons children may fear the dark, afraid of being alone. Do not look down on this ayiplayip itself. Try to convince her there was nothing to be afraid of events.

Make Tolerant

Along with that sorry, forgive me. Fault and recover more quickly if he repents understand themselves.

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