Porcelain Braces (Clear Braces)

Porcelain Braces - Porcelain Braces (Clear Braces)

Braces treatment has emerged in recent years a variety of methods. Individuals in the treatment process these methods provides an aesthetic appearance. For this reason, porcelain has been used recently quite a lot of braces.

What Is Porcelain Braces ?

Braces treatment, dental crowding, crookedness, Jags, location, in a process of treating jaw disorders and disorders of the system. Years ago metal braces that is used as well as the brackets so transparent looking porcelain began to be used. Square brackets in the form of a transparent type. Therefore, present a problem in terms of appearance. The Shape of the metal bracket with the same specifications and the same application.

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These braces are usually used in adult patients. It is recommended to use metal brackets braces applied for the treatment in childhood. Porcelain braces and transparent in terms of the image plays an important role. An aesthetic structure. Usually preferred in terms of view.Transparent image problem in the social lives of adult patients in order to avoid wires prefer.When compared to metal brackets is less certain. In terms of aesthetics but the most commonly used method there are other methods that are applied to any porcelain braces.Braces and porcelain, giving an aesthetic appearance during the treatment process, enough time should have their teeth people are put in the order that ensures that.

porselen dis teli - Porcelain Braces (Clear Braces)

Hygiene and cleanliness is important. For this reason, people who use metal braces porcelain braces should take care more than the people who use it. There have been some difficulties in cases where oral hygiene is not adequate. People who use transparent braces, mouth and teeth cleaning should pay more attention to. If necessary, if not taken care, tartar and calculus consists of. This increases the friction force between the brackets and braces. If this is the situation, can lead to the prolongation of the treatment process.For this reason, oral care to patients who don’t take care of porcelain braces are not applied. Take care of oral hygiene and maintenance of braces for patients who has no problem with the use of porcelain. Porcelain braces are also metal braces as a positive outcome of the treatment.

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Features Porcelain Braces

Porcelain braces than metal braces there is not much difference. There is a difference in terms of the duration of the treatment, but in some cases the duration of treatment varies.Porcelain braces the outer movements with more friction causes it to slow down tele.

The first porcelain brackets are flimsy, but these days, with technology growing as rugged and durable porcelain braces metal braces has been made.


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Although isn’t very noticeable as compared to metal braces porcelain braces are bigger, but because they are transparent this status is not certain.

Porcelain braces if you are dealing with people who use active sports, you should definitely use protection.


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