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Posture proper posture in our daily lives we are exposed to a lot of distorting and regular. These working conditions, technology, habits, fashion trends, we have developed models of any disease or pain due to bad posture comes in. Positive or negative changes in the person’s mood also has a direct impact on the poster.Postural disorder, a person’s emotional state and self-esteem, while also reducing the product lead to unhappy and Post Negative moments of the person, and naturally this relationship reveals a vicious circle of emotions with posture. For every condition in order to maintain proper posture in daily life a person’s by having a detailed posture assessment, exercise prescription appropriate to the situation is essential.
The purpose of the posture analysis?
Posture disorders, and identifying the preparation of the treatment program.
To see the progress of the treatment.
The causes of poor posture?
Intensive use of technology
Lack of conforming to the physical structure of the work environment
Incorrectly sitting, standing and sleeping
Accidents, injuries and falls
Bad or inappropriate mattress and the pillow used to be
Being overweight
Mood changes
School age wrong or one-sided use of the bag, which could cause the load transfer, etc.
Visual disturbances

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Problems caused by bad posture
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Waist, back and neck pain
Curvature of the spine (scoliosis, kyphosis, kyphoscoliosis, etc.)
Adolescence and fashion trends
Joint stiffness and joint disorders
Headaches and jaw joint problems
Internal organ problems
Respiratory failure
Circulation problems

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Bad posture, how can we fix it?
Accompanied by the physiotherapist;
Proper posture training
Posture corrective exercises
Flexibility and coordination exercises
Nov exercise programs that will strengthen the depth of the skeletal system
Breathing exercises
Cognitive exercises
Clinical Pilates exercises
when done, improve your posture, as well as the quality of life of persons with the provision of coordination of all body systems is increased.


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