Practical Suggestions For Getting Rid Of Constipation

kabızlıktan kurtulmak - Practical Suggestions For Getting Rid Of Constipation

Constipation is a problem that is faced by people of all ages. Here are practical suggestions for dealing with this problem..

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But constipation is a problem that people encounter from each age group, 2 times more likely than men especially in women.

Rather than resorting to drugs for constipation primarily, it is recommended to change your lifestyle and eating habits. When you have made these changes reduces the risk of constipation.

Ways To Get Rid Of Constipation

1. Warm water in the morning on an empty stomach. Warm water to stimulate bowel peristaltizm in this way will be useful against constipation.

2. Breakfast in the morning prior to to ensure the functioning of the intestines dried fruit, don’t neglect the consumption of dry fruits every morning.

3. Defecation needwhen you don’t put it off for a long time. Postpone your need within days toilet causes constipation. In the same time every day so you must be sure and have enough time to go to the bathroom.

4. Your whole grain bread, whole wheat or rye bread, make sure you have. You can also consume pasta, such as rice whole wheat foods are also the ones to choose for your health is very important.

5. Don’t neglect your daily fruit intake. Try not to eat 3-5 servings of fruit every day between.The dinner vegetables and fruits that can be eaten without peeling the rind try.

6. Make sure you consume foods that contain fiber in each meal. Products containing pulp is very good against constipation.

7. Do not neglect to consume enough water and fluids. Need to consume at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis.

8. Try to take advantage of raw and cooked vegetables every meal.

9. You do exercise regularly, don’t neglect your physical activities to help the work of the intestines.

10. Are forced to stay still, especially when the abdominal muscles do not neglect to do the running movement.

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