Pregnancy symptoms: an early sign of pregnancy 22

early signs of pregnancy - Pregnancy symptoms: an early sign of pregnancy 22

What Are The Symptoms Of Pregnancy? To get tested here, is one of the early pregnancy symptoms will give you a hint 22.

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One of the most important precursors of pregnancy qualitative, although some may point to early symptoms of pregnancy even before menstruation delayed. That should not be forgotten that can vary from woman to woman and even from pregnancy to pregnancy, these symptoms.

Some women may not experience no symptoms at all until the later periods of pregnancy, or the symptoms they live in the menstrual period before symptoms may confuse. Therefore, that you are not experiencing the following symptoms, doesn’t mean you are not pregnant. You must have one or more of these symptoms in the same way, or doesn’t mean that you are pregnant.

Many expectant mothers realized that she was pregnant until birth control telaslanir to continue to use. Research in this area, shows that you do not need to panic.

Most sure way to tell whether or not you’re pregnant, of course, is to take a pregnancy test. 22 the following early signs of pregnancy, especially the delay , together with to get tested can give you tips.

  • Delay unit

Keep up the piece you expect, everyone don’t be alarmed.Sometimes this delay unit,and sadness, can be due to conditions such as stress.But, delayed menstruation, the first sign for pregnancy.Although not very common, some mothers during pregnancy and menstruation may stop.

  • Fatigue

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Pregnant increases the workload on your body when you’re your metabolism, you and in order to support your baby’s development is accelerated. Therefore, normally you may feel more sluggish and tired yourself. During pregnancy a hormone called progesterone, this hormone is also more soothing due to the effect of fatigue increases. Therefore, weakness, fatigue, need more sleep than normal and are among the most common early signs of pregnancy.

  • Breast enlargement or tenderness

Growth in the breasts early in pregnancy hormonal changes that occur in the body, can cause tenderness or slight pain. Their nipples some mothers discoloration may also occur.

  • Nausea and vomiting

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For most women the symptoms of pregnancynausea and vomiting are one of. State changes in hormone levels that occur due to ‘morning sickness’ although it is known as, can occur at any time of day. Some mothers experience extreme sensitivity to smells. The fragrance that you are not disturbed previously, can cause your stomach to gurgle.

  • Discharge

The most important symptom of pregnancy discharge.Even just a light colored viscous flow when you see this, can tell you directly that you are pregnant, you may look at other options.

  • Fainting

Issue mother before fainting, experiencing sudden blackouts due to the hormone change in the body may experience this time.In this case, do not panic, this condition of the pregnancy symptoms that is among note.

  • Feel pregnant

Have the misconception that women’s intuition is strong.Researchers found in this situation was supported with the results.Some mothers may feel that she is pregnant.

  • Change in body temperature

The Mother without the worry of the situation.Sudden increase body temperature.Of this pregnancy symptom is the most important.

  • The opening of appetite

Most of the increase in appetite is another early symptom of the lives of mothers. You may feel that you are constantly hungry, or certain foods aserebi. For example, in season a non-you may attract a lot of fruit or vegetables.

  • Groin pain, redness, or swelling

Tutununc the fertilized egg in the uterine wall of the mother in this case,groin pain, bloating, and sudden rising you can feel.This early symptom of pregnancy.

  • Craving for

!. The problem is very unexpected positive default is a common symptom.Some mothers have seen this situation, although not usually one of the things you’ve never eaten before you can ask, as your request may arise.This situation is usually seen in the first 4 months of pregnancy.

  • Some food aversion

As opposed to some pregnant women may have a condition; pre-or disgust disgust your favorite foods, you can begin to.

  • Frequent urination

A week later after the formation of pregnancy, you may notice that you went to the toilet even more often. At night you can wake up and start to urinate a lot more than you are accustomed to. Some mothers constipation may also occur.

  • Dizziness

Pregnancy to expand the blood vessels, your blood pressure may drop. When you need to stand for a long time or after sitting for a while, you may experience dizziness when standing up suddenly.

  • Sexual desire

Mothers in the first months of pregnancy, especially sexual desire may increase.Sexual desire for 4 months this continues.Also evident in the last months of pregnancy, the sexual desire takes place in the autumn.

  • Changes in mood

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Hormonal changes in your body that can lead to rapid changes in mood. Easier you’re angry or stressed you may feel. You may want to cry one minute and then laugh. Emotional fluctuations are quite common signs of pregnancy.

  • Fragrance

Some mothers experience extreme sensitivity to smells. The fragrance that you are not disturbed previously, can cause your stomach to gurgle.

  • Constipation

The hormonal balance begins to change when no longer in the Mother of indigestion it means that the process has started.Which are expected to be seen because of the problem of constipation that begins.

  • Heartburn

Mothers usually experience a slight burning sensation while sleeping.When you live for the first time signs of pregnancy you can ignore this situation.

  • The color of urine

The color of urine when you’re thirsty or when you are sick is changing.However, if you see dark colored urine the color of it, even with 2 or Option 3 must be less than the symptoms of pregnancy.So change the color of urine alone does not mean that you are pregnant.

  • Low back pain

At the time you feel a pain like no other waist you may think you are pregnant.This situation is very common in case mothers.

  • Slight bleeding

Very slight vaginal bleeding are the early signs of pregnancy for some women. About 10 to 14 days after fertilization and occurs after a short period of time, implantation bleeding this (settlement) is referred to as bleeding. The uterine wall of the fertilized egg occurs as a result of settlement. Implantation bleeding may be confused with menstrual bleeding for menstrual period often corresponds to, but much lighter and a splash compared to the menstrual bleeding pattern.


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