Preventing Weight problems – an ayurvedic approach

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Preventing Weight problems – an ayurvedic approach

Definition of Weight problems

Extra quantity of physique fats is Weight problems.

Extra weight of muscle tissues, bone, fats and water within the physique (like physique builders and athletes) is Obese.

Healthy High-Calorie Foods For Weight Gain

Over weighted individuals are at elevated well being threat than regular individuals. They’re extra susceptible to persistent illnesses like coronary heart illnesses, type-2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and few forms of cancers.

Is fats essential to our physique?

Specific amount of physique fats does the next operate
1. Warmth insulation.
2. Absorption of shock.
3. Storage of vitality. And so forth.

Ayurveda describes the capabilities of physique fats as

“Medaha sneha swedaudhrudatwam pushtim asthyancha”

This implies in regular situations the physique fats retains the physique moisturized , causes sweating , offers vitality to physique (by storing vitality) and nourishes bones. (By defending them from shock)

Distribution of fats

Ladies have extra physique fats than males. In ladies normally the fats accumulates round hips giving them a pear form. In males it accumulates round stomach giving them an apple form. The weight problems associated issues begin when fats accumulates round waist.

In ayurveda the distribution of fats is described as follows.

Medastu sarvabhutaanamudarenvasthi thishtathi |
Ata evodare vriddhihi prayo medaswino bhavet ||

Fats will get deposited in and round stomach in all residing beings. Additionally it is current in bone. Therefore when an individual turns into overweight his abdomen bulges out.

And in addition the characters of an overweight individual are described as

“Medo mamsa ativriddhatvaachalasphigudarastanaha”

Which implies the hips, stomach and breasts of an overweight individual sag and sagged elements flap as that individual strikes. An overweight individual won’t be lively.

Causes of Weight problems

When an individual consumes extra energy than he burns then the surplus energy get saved within the type of fats inflicting weight problems.

1. Genetic elementsWeight problems tends to run in households. If mother and father are fats then the offspring additionally present an inclination to build up fats. Even the eating regimen and life-style habits that are practiced in household additionally contribute to weight problems.

2. Atmosphere. – An individual’s consuming habits and the extent of bodily actions an individual has additionally contribute for extra deposition of fats. When an individual eats meals containing extra energy and has a sedentary work then the energy consumed are greater than energy burnt. The surplus quantity energy are saved as fats.

3. Psychological disturbances.- There’s a tendency to over eat in response to destructive feelings like boredom, unhappiness or anger. This results in weight problems.

4. Binge consuming dysfunction.

5. Ailments and situations like Hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, Melancholy, and sure neurological issues result in overeating which in flip results in accumulation of fats.

6. Medicines reminiscent of steroids and a few antidepressants could trigger weight achieve.

How to Control Weight?

Causes of weight problems in keeping with Ayurveda

The causes of weight problems are very clearly defined in ayurveda. The next causes that are talked about in ayurveda improve the deposition of fats.

Avayamadivaaswapnashleshmalaaaharasevinaha |
Madhuroannarasaha prayaha snehamedhovivardhati ||

In line with ayurveda the causes of weight problems are outlined as :

1. Avyayama : Not exerting bodily
2. Divaswapna: Sleeping in afternoon.
3. Shleshmala Ahara Vihara : The eating regimen and life kinds which improve Kapha
4. Madhura Annaha : Consuming sweetened meals .

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Well being dangers because of Weight problems

Weight problems results in the next issues.
1. Sort-2 diabetes
2. Coronary heart illness.
3. Excessive Blood strain.
4. Stroke
5. Few forms of Cancers
6. Gall stones
7. Liver illnesses
8. Osteo arthritis.
9. Gout
10. Infertility
11. Irregular menstruation in ladies.

In line with Ayurveda the overweight individuals are extra susceptible to the next illnesses.

1. Diabetes.
2. Kidney associated issues.
3. Hepatitis.
4. Low libido.
5. Low vitality ranges.
6. Pores and skin issues.
7. Fistula
8. Piles.
9. Filariasis . and so on

Tricks to scale back Weight problems

1. Decide with the assistance of your doctor how a lot weight must be diminished.
2. Set a number of brief time period life like objectives .
3. Reward your self every time you make progress (Not meals objects)
4. Even small weight losses have proven to be useful.
5. Make gradual adjustments in consuming habits.
6. You’ll shed some pounds while you burn extra energy than you eat. Therefore consuming much less and being extra lively assist in shedding weight.
7. Sound consuming habits maintain you out of placing on weight.
8. Keep motivated to shed some pounds.
9. Sluggish weight reduction is the most secure and simplest. ( one to at least one and half pound per week).
10. Gradual weight reduction, promote long run lack of physique fats.
11. An individual who’s reasonably lively wants day by day, 33 energy per kg of physique weight to take care of his weight .
12. Decreasing energy consumption by 300 per day and growing the bodily exercise to burn 200 energy per day ends in weight lack of 400 Gms per week.
13. To fulfill fundamental dietary wants eat a wide range of meals every single day. Select from every of the 5 meals teams milk, meat, fruit, vegetable and cereals. Balanced meals plans encourage making smart decisions about on a regular basis meals decisions. Such a eating regimen helps to remain at your correct weight for all times.
14. Enable for an occasional deal with.
15. Consider your consuming sample.
16. Attempt to minimize down on meals excessive in fat and sugar.
17. Most profitable weight – loss plans stress on discount in each energy and the quantity of fats eaten
Bodily exercise:
1. Decide the kind of bodily exercise that fits your life type.
2. Common cardio train like brisk strolling, jogging or swimming, is a key consider attaining everlasting weight reduction and enhancing well being
3. Well being specialists advocate exercising 30 minutes or extra on all, days of the week for optimum advantages. The workout routines needs to be reasonably vigorous to be simplest however not exhausting.
4. Incorporate few easy measures to burn energy successfully. Like- taking an after dinner stroll, utilizing stairs as an alternative of escalators or elevators, parking the automobile farther away to have an extended stroll and so on.
5. Workouts additionally enhance sense of properly being ,decreases stress and reduces urge for food in some.

Ayurvedic tricks to scale back Weight problems

Quite a few tricks to scale back weight problems have been talked about in ayurveda. The next ayurvedic suggestions show you how to to cut back the weight problems.
1. Excellent workout routines. Workouts like brisk strolling, jogging, enjoying out door video games and so on assist to cut back weight.
2. Bodily and psychological exertion. Exerting bodily like doing home maintain works, strolling to distant locations to carry groceries, greens and so on, strolling lengthy distances to carry the kid again from college, strolling to working place, climbing stairs and so on are forms of bodily exertion. Exerting bodily as a lot as you may assist to burn extra energy. Psychological exertion like worrying or involving find options to issues additionally prohibit meals consumption in some and there by reduces the consumption of energy .
3. Having intercourse regularly can also be a very good bodily exertion.
4. Consumption of honey. That is advisable for non diabetic sufferers. Consuming 2 tea spoon of honey with a glass of natural tea which incorporates weight decreasing herbs assist so much in weight discount. Honey together with these herbs scrapes and dissolves the Kapha and medha (physique fats).
5. Sleeping for much less hours. Avoiding sleeping in afternoons assist to extend the burning of energy. This avoids slowing of basal metabolic price.
6. Avoiding the meals and drinks which improve kapha and medha. The meals which improve kapha and medha are sweets, sweetened drinks , giant portions of carbohydrates and oily meals.
7. Consuming wheat merchandise than rice merchandise assist to cut back weight problems.
8. Utilizing Inexperienced gram and horse gram assist in discount of kapha and medha.

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