Reflux And Cancer Risk

reflu hastaligi nedir reflunun belirtileri nelerdir ve tedavisi nasildir 1515675137 2534 - Reflux And Cancer Risk

We often hear from our environment bitter taste in the mouth, stomach, heartburn, resulting from reflux symptoms such as palpitations, experts warn.

reflu hastaligi nedir reflunun belirtileri nelerdir ve tedavisi nasildir 1515675137 2534 300x168 - Reflux And Cancer Risk

Reducing the quality of life and enjoyable after a nice meal we eat, and the taste emerging at the most unexpected time that we took reflux disorder. Experts expressed that it is possible to get rid of acid reflux surgery.

You have the possibility to develop into cancer if untreated

In the stomach secrete an acid to digest food. This acid escape into the esophagus. From escaping into the esophagus causes acid reflux. Is a common disease. Symptoms of acid reflux treatment for a long time escaped from the 10% of people with Barrett’s esophagus is called depending on the damage of the esophagus as a result of a change in the structure may indicate the development of esophageal cancer. The development of cancer, however, long-term and untreated with a chief complaint of reflux.

Excessive belching, back pain, indigestion, sour and bitter scents and water to the mouth, a burning sensation in the throat, chest pain, palpitations, hoarseness, reflux disease are the most visible symptoms of different symptoms such as bloating.

We can get out of our lives by means of laparoscopic surgery acid reflux

After laparoscopic surgery for approximately 35-40 minutes, the patient is discharged the next day through oral feeding in a short time able to return to business and social life.Prolonged treatment with the drug is a method that can apply to people who don’t want opt.

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