Relationship between emotional intelligence and sport

13992 spor 300x176 - Relationship between emotional intelligence and sport

Relationship between emotional intelligence and sport

13992 spor 300x176 - Relationship between emotional intelligence and sportTo get to what you want and succeed in life, never a single variable is not bound and will never be. However, never the varieties of what we call success in life, career, education is not restricted to topics such as, they should not be restricted. When we collect all their wishes and all of these variables to be successful against us if the same thing turns out the way somewhere if you have a high emotional intelligence, you also raises the possibility of getting the right steps in life by using your mind, learn from mistakes and success you can achieve.

First, let’s start from the definition. What is emotional intelligence? In fact, we’re no strangers to this concept, the IQ, EQ and the word too many times we have heard much news from such a notion. The ones hidden in the details.. what emotional intelligence Daniel goleman self-awareness, self-control, perseverance, ability to demonstrate effort, and all derivatives of this content is defined as. Thinking and feeling, and moreover the ability to combine your thoughts with your emotions, people that have the most unique feature.The bridge between thoughts and feelings occur in the brain when we are able to set up correctly, most of the time in the flow system in the real sense we see that we can bring progress. Maybe we’re not even aware of it, but to be able to pull it off, it’s the equivalent of having a high emotional intelligence.

To separate logic and emotions, thought, the sine qua non of each other and are very connected to each other in two separate concept. Unites can shape your feelings without logic, their emotions from a situation or event into a timeline you can’t put logic layer. However, succeed in establishing a system of thought correctly, and if you redirect your feelings towards to your requests, you can individually remove barriers. Because you’re the one who put those obstacles again.
When you put them all, it is not difficult to establish the relationship between emotional intelligence and sports that you have seen. Imagine yourself and your sports moments. The goal is to reach that goal that you set in a concentrated manner, in an attempt to change your view of Life you have acquired the discipline and the discipline of the sport, without realizing it, develop your emotional intelligence.Many people who play sports regularly observing the changes in individual life, in fact, enhances emotional intelligence, maybe he doesn’t even notice “I started the sport, it changed my life,” said the audience actually life-changing thing, like the reflections in the life of developing emotional intelligence. Quality of life, Eg the contributions are shaped by much IQ.

For this reason; to succeed in life, the road to living happy and positive when we go through many things, emotional intelligence, necessarily intersects with that way. Such a thing of emotional intelligence, can be developed, can change, and subsequently in many details of life’ can also have an influence. Healthy body and mind change in many sports or preparing the ground for emotional intelligence
the most important tool of development.

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