Reproduction and Fertility in monkeys

1 48 300x201 - Reproduction and Fertility in monkeys

Reproduction and Fertility in monkeys

2 2 300x359 - Reproduction and Fertility in monkeysOf the animal kingdom a lot of people, especially ones built has attracted the attention of animal lovers quite. A lot of cases of fertility is located within the animal kingdom is the subject of many scientific and documentary research. The shape of reproduction in monkeys is one of them.

Each one of the monkeys according to the theory of evolution, is accepted as the first ancestor of people, even though people in the framework of a very different life. Their sex life is no exception to this. instinctively feeling a lot of monkeys that shapes the reproductive lives is located at the top. Many animals either monogamous or polygamous is considered to be. But they cannot keep up with both of these groups of monkeys, mate choice and reproductive is slightly different.

Reproduction in monkeys before you must have a wife by nature. Usually in monkeys living in collective groups, the tribal chief, there is a strong male monkey. APE man the ape are more likely to. This is a condition that the male monkeys sometimes quite liked. Monkeys living in groups in the reproductive female reproductive male of the monkeys with a monkey of choice for leading occurs, and this reproduction time. However, the male monkey wife to live this again and again repeatedly it has been observed that select either the same or continuously.So, monkeys are monogamous or monogamous depending on the situation not so is not possible. This is a completely male sexual desire is a condition of the monkey according to the direction of the field. the result of importance to the sexual life of the monkeys they are issued from here. However, quite similar to those we observed in monkeys reproduction of human beings. Also the number of female and pregnancy to pregnancy even in humans is quite similar. Even in the event the labor and delivery almost works in the same way with people.however, during the breeding of monkeys are making interesting and original to them immediately afterwards.

1 48 300x201 - Reproduction and Fertility in monkeysIn monkeys reproductive States:
– There is a sense of privacy during reproduction in monkeys.
– Reproductive positions is almost the same with humans.
Out of the monkey’s behavior based on repeated in the event of a male monkey.
– Reproduction after the end of the early weird monkey noises, jumping around, all the teeth appear in his mouth proclaims the power by opening the way.
– Sometimes the out-of-monkeys monkey that hit the male in the act of flight by refusing to breed can be found.
– Jun received both monkeys in this situation, if monogamy can create the event by converting the small family in the tribe.
– If you breed a pregnancy has occurred, the Mother monkey in humans may be sensitive.
– They like the cheap single birth Twin ]maymunlarda it’s rare situations like people.
– Involves the family, male monkey, if the monkey is mother, such as food, living facilities.
– Involves the family, the Mother monkey male monkey would be protective of the little puppies.

Reproductive and lifestyle like monkeys listed above. Due to the nature of the animal with humans because they are also a lot ozdeslestirils the Apes are capable of emotion. That are biologically similar to humans, pregnancy, sexuality and birth, although there is a huge sense of privacy that keeps them separate from the people. Explorers who are curious about the subject of researchers for reproduction and fertility in monkeys than that.

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