Ringworm Causes And Treatment

sackiran nerelerde ollur - Ringworm Causes And Treatment

Ringworm, which is annoying and causing an unpleasant appearance, who can?How is it treated? What are the symptoms? If you say you came to the right place.


Usually children and young adults seen for ringworm the medical term “alopecia areata”is called. Skin and hair disease the cause of the formation of the ringworm fungus. A coin is circular in shape and size and hair loss. If left untreated some types of ringworm Nov, lash.beard and body hair can all cry.

Ringworm male and female are separated into. The female of the type which may be permanent and can spread quickly all over her hair. Male ringworm if it is an out-of-ringworm, according to the area rate and are less likely to spread.

Usually ringworm in children and adolescence seen, the reason is that the immune system is not as strong as adults. A contagious disease non-affected with a disease that was seen in the family genetic is more likely to be seen as.

sackiran nerelerde ollur - Ringworm Causes And Treatment


Ringworm is among the main reasons for the failure of the immune system . Remain weak immune system increases the risk of ringworm. At the same time, stress and genes is one of the factors that affect the formation of ringworm.

Ringworm genes in a condition presents itself. Ringworm ringworm is more likely to run into who have seen the disease in the family. At the same time, goitre and anaemia increase the formation of ringworm are among the reasons.

At first, small blisters and pimples in the view . Then bubble-shaped manner in the circular section of hair, hair loss and would contribute to the wedding. Although shedding is a temporary to permanent if left untreated . At the beginning of rarely, ringworm, itching , and yellow staining are also observed.


Hair pain and rahasizlik that causes a variety of health problems. Psychological health in terms of various as although does not have side effects. Not to completely eliminate the problem of drugs for treatment of ringworm, hair re-emergence of focuses on.

In some people hair loss although billed as white, then its color will return. The fungus that causes ringworm priority is to eliminate during the treatment process with various fungicides.Griseofulvin medication is one of the most widely used drugs in the treatment of ringworm called. At the same time for ringworm cortisol needle therapy are also frequently used.However, to refer to a specialist for his approval in the treatment of ringworm and apply each treatment type is also important.sackiran kortizonlu igne 002 - Ringworm Causes And Treatment

Drug therapy used in the treatment of ringworm herbal treatment does not give results as fast as although are often preferred.



  • 3 cloves garlic
  • Salt
  • Alcohol
  • Towel


  • We can call in a mortar by the addition of the garlic salt.
  • Garlic add 1-2 drops of alcohol.
  • Ringworm wipe the area thoroughly with a clean towel until golden brown.
  • Apply the garlic mixture to the area you deleted sackiranli.
  • The application 1 day a week.
  • You will get the result at the end of 3 weeks.
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