Romatika Polimiyalji diagnosis and treatment methods

Romatika Polimiyalji - Romatika Polimiyalji diagnosis and treatment methods

Romatika Polimiyalji disease? What are the symptoms of this disease?

What Is Romatika Polimiyalji ?

Polimiyalji romatiika, Nov a variety of diseases. This disease is a rheumatic disease that causes the muscles to be held in. Romatika Polimiyalji, are experienced as a chronic illness.The cause of this disease is not fully known. It is believed that yasanild usually due to genetic predisposition. It is observed that disorders of the immune system are another reason.


Usually seen in people over the age of 50. Is a disease most commonly seen in women. The main symptoms are pain and stiffness of the disease is known as Nov. Usually the hips, shoulders and neck area causes problems. The diagnosis of this disease can take a long time because other bears resemblance with the disease Nov. In some cases it may take months or even years polimiyalji romatika disease, but in some cases may suddenly disappear spontaneously.

Drug therapy usually is performed as treatment. In addition to drug therapy, people should live a healthy life. For this, a healthy dieting and a regular sport should be given. Romatika Polimiyalji there are various symptoms of the disease. These symptoms are divided into general symptoms and severe symptoms. General symptoms fatigue, weakness, muscle tension, muscle pain is seen as.

Severe symptoms should be taken into account. Before you waste time and consult your doctor. Changes in mood, loss of consciousness, vision loss causes major problems such as paralysis. At the same time it is leading to this disease any other serious problems.Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment is important.


What Are  Romatika Polimiyalji The Symptoms?

General Symptoms

Romatika Nov Polimiyalji and affects connective tissues. Usually signs and symptoms may vary for each patient. This varies according to the degree of disease. Findings of this disease in many areas of the body. People in a state of fatigue and weakness occurs. In some cases, the firing can be seen. Nov pains often experienced.


Romatika Polimiyalji


Nov pain is usually the neck, hip and shoulder areas. A state of tension in the muscles occurs. The tensions that occur in the muscles of the neck, hip and shoulder areas. Severe pain in joint areas of the body is felt. Often is a condition that occurs sudden weight loss.

  • Fire
  • Fatigue
  • Fatigue
  • Numbness
  • Nov pains
  • Tension in the muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Weight loss

Serious Symptoms

Romatika Polimiyalji gives some of the general symptoms of the disease. These symptoms vary in each person, but outside there are some serious symptoms of these symptoms.These situations are life-threatening size. In some cases, are seen in temporal arteritis. This condition is caused by disorders of the immune system. Inflammation in the brain gives rise to many problems.


Serious Symptoms


Changes in mood are seen. Suddenly develops these changes. In some cases, causes loss of consciousness. Even in the situation of having a stroke, partial paralysis can be seen. In people with aphasia and disorder experienced. Occurs in situations such as hallucinations in some people. In the eyes it can cause some problems. Experienced sudden vision loss and pain in the eyes.

  • Change in mood
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Stroke
  • Partial paralysis
  • Speech disorder
  • Hallucinations
  • Eye pain
  • Vision loss


 Who Are At Risk People

Be over the age of 50

  • Sex woman
  • Being of northern European descent


Romatika Causes Polimiyalji

Romatika Polimiyalji the cause of this disease is not fully known but it is believed that there are some situations that cause disease. It is known that due to the body’s immune system causes.


Romatika Treatment Polimiyalji


There are some factors that trigger this disease. These factors consist of environmental conditions. The more frequent occurrence in some regions is observed. Therefore, genetic predisposition is the cause of this disease.


Romatika Treatment Polimiyalji

Romatika Polimiyalji the use of medication in the treatment of disease. Drug in the treatment of pain and inflammation relieving drugs are used. Romatika Polimiyalji disease symptoms vary with each patient.


Romatika Treatment Polimiyalji


Therefore, each patient is different medications are used. The doses of drugs vary. The patient’s symptoms and the degree of illness is so important. Treatment is to reduce symptoms and prevent future occurrence. In addition to drug therapy, should take care of people who live their lives with this disease.


Romatika Treatment Polimiyalji


Diet is important in one’s health. Healthy and therefore should be regularly fed. Sport and exercise increases the quality of life. Sports and exercises will benefit the body. The weight of the person will maintain the ideal weight so it won’t be a problem. This will help reduce the burden on the joints and Nov.


Romatika Polimiyalji Drugs For Treatment

  • Aspirin
  • Prednisone
  • Ibuprofen


What Polimiyalji Romatika Causes ?

  • Decline in the quality of life
  • Inability in daily life activities
  • Vision loss
  • Stroke
  • Giant cell arteritis


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