Sagging skin and solutions

SAGGING SKIN - Sagging skin and solutions

Weight and sagging of the skin that occurs in a given time how to fix? What are the methods for sagging skin? A lot of speed and weight methods we investigated the problem and solution faced by the givers of sagging skin.



Sagging skin, weight loss fast it is the case that emerged as a result. Suddenly, usually seen with overweight people losing weight sagging skin leads to a bad view from an aesthetic standpoint. Their weight upset and happy people which adds a new problem for giving them this situation, can be corrected with different methods.

As weight is given when there is rapid weight gain, the skin can not adapt to change quickly.Cracks in the skin occur in weight gain. In the same way, in the face of rapid growth in adolescence, the skin will be able to show enough flexibility and sometimes, even cracksmay occur.



Sufficient research about not only the lack of flexibility of the skin sagging skin that is not revealed. Usually consists of skin tissue fats. When fat tissue is lost and the skin sag weight given. While you’re at a certain weight people to gain weight quickly research has been provided and in adipose tissue has increased. Then again, by doing a strict diet to lose weight back to Old weight is provided and they were frozen.

When you look at the different results with the Old results as both appearance and fat mass were observed. Measurements weighs 85 kilograms and is 10% fat of a person with 30 kilograms kilogram weight gain experienced and 115, respectively. Then again down to 85 kilograms in the skin of the subject, the American sagging has occurred.

In the last case, when the ratio of oil is controlled to 20% have been seen coming and going.The reason for this is seen in the muscles only when oil is weak. When she doesn’t get enough nutrients to the muscles melts. While you will lose weight, certainly NOV is lost. The main reason for the sagging of skin, fat tissue is not reduced sufficiently. Adipose tissue is reduced sufficiently, the skin will speed up the recovery.



cilt sarkmasi - Sagging skin and solutions

To avoid sagging skin the first way is to lose weight slowly. Want to get rid of excess weight quickly as individuals right. When given the fats melts and thins the body weight quickly. The shrinkage of the body as a result of plenty of skin starts to come. If you can’t make up if you don’t have a very flexible skin and hangs. While allowing you to lose weight controlledmust be no more than 1kg weight per week should be given. Doing so your shit together and sagging skin can be prevented.

The second method is to feed protein weighted. Increase the protein in your diet while reducing carbohydrate and fat loss and also you both will keep a minimum level of NOV will help prevent the sagging of your skin. If you apply a sufficient amount of protein intake diets that you can pass in front of the sagging of the skin.

The high moisture status of your skin by keeping the third method is possible. The moisture level of the skin attenuation in the case of sudden drops. Falling moisture the skin creases more easily, and the sagging trend. Lack of moisture the way to prevent the sagging of the skin with a cream to use. Moisturizing creams for your help in this matter grows. Firming the skin also you can use drugs under medical supervision.

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The fourth method that will be used to prevent sagging skin plenty of water to consume. It is important that water and weight loss healthy and skin. 8-10 glasses of water daily will help prevent the consumption of the sagging of skin. Also vitamin A, vitamin E and minerals as a supplement or consume foods that are rich in it will be helpful to them to receive.

The fifth method is massage. Massage stimulates the blood vessels in the skin and improves blood circulation. Blood circulation when the skin up allows you to recover much faster.Increase flexibility and prevent sagging. In the hands of a master who knows his job and regularly going to the dentist thanks to lose a few pounds before massage your skin, you can prevent more sagging.

The leather wrap, but the method that will be used to speed up recovery by working the sixth weight Nov mass to increase. Nov bone and tissue to lift the skin from the muscles by improving the way the largest of the volume of the skin is trying to fill. By weight training, can accelerate the recovery process of skin dangling. Lose a few pounds and weight the study , in the case of the sagging can be reduced.

The last resort is surgery. The overhanging skin of the person, the age is younger, the skinrecovery time will be shorter. However, after a certain age, the skin’s recovery process, it can take quite long. Of the skin’s elastic structure vary from person to person too. Living situation, no one must be patient for 1 year and you should try to get the result of applying the above recommendations. If this fails, then surgery is a last resort .



Against sagging skin foods that should be consumed include:

1. A, E and C vitamin A: Carrots are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A keeps your tissues and strengthens the immune system benefits. Vitamin E is found in abundance in leafy vegetables with Yesil. The healing of wounds. Slows the aging process. Vitamin C ensures that your skin has a radiant appearance.

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2.Fibrous foods: fiber foods the elimination of toxins from the body, serves to keep the skin supple and young. The most important of these is broccoli, artichokes and celery. It is useful for blood circulation especially vitamin K which is found in celery. Artichoke rashes in the body and destroys them. Broccoli, repairs sun damaged skin.

3. And red meat nuts: Zinc prevents skin aging. Where foods, red meat, nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and dry beans. The important part is to opt for the ones which are not treated of nuts.

4. Kefir: Kefir has many benefits to your skin. Brightens the skin and makes it beautiful.Prevents dandruff and hair lubrication. Kefir you will consume a glass a day is very useful in terms of skin health.

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