Scoliosis (Curvature Of The Spine) What Is It & What Are Scoliosis Exercises?

skolyoz nedir skolyoz egzersizleri 001 - Scoliosis (Curvature Of The Spine) What Is It & What Are Scoliosis Exercises?

Called scoliosis, curvature of the spine, is one of the most common diseases of people nowadays. Disease scoliosis with exercises is it possible to find a solution?How to fix scoliosis? here’s everything you need to know…

One of the problems today’s most common spine ” scoliosis ” (scoliosis)’to stop. The disease are known to originate mostly from birth and in childhood, can occur.

Of problems is more a result of the research it is observed that the curvature of the spine in young individuals. The reason that lies at the roots of this disorders are fit and lead a troubled life. Well, what are scoliosis exercises? How to fix scoliosis? Curvature of the spine section, which is overlook? What are the symptoms of scoliosis?

skolyoz nedir skolyoz egzersizleri - Scoliosis (Curvature Of The Spine) What Is It & What Are Scoliosis Exercises?


Scoliosis (Curvature Of The Spine) Will Cause?

Of scoliosis are examined in three sections: Simple curvaturecurvature partially andsevere curvature. This condition of the spine curvature to the right or to the left in the form of the line will occur. Asymmetry in the bone structure of the chest at the same time may cause damage to your internal organs and may be this problem.

Reasons for the formation of scoliosis; bone and muscle, the lack of parents to keep their minor children in his lap for a long time, prolonged immobility, sitting posture and health disorders this issue as we mentioned, can show a negative influence on the work of the internal organs.

skolyoz nedir skolyoz egzersizleri 001 - Scoliosis (Curvature Of The Spine) What Is It & What Are Scoliosis Exercises?

Exercises For Scoliosis & Scoliosis Exercises

Scoliosis exercisesphysical therapy exercise program. The curvature of the spine provide great benefits in correcting. Surfeit is a disease that starts with children at a young age because it is able to provide. Tough without children who are so sick wasn scoliosis exercises should be done.

What Are Scoliosis Exercises?

The scoliosis correction exercise for many is situated. Here is a list of Scoliosis exercises;

Upper body Extension Exercise: your first item with a pillow under the belly of the sick person or another must support it. And if you tie your hands behind your back and after your upper body to lift from the ground should work. This exercise can be thought of as a warm up.

Arm-leg Extension Exercise: lift your right leg and your left arm up so that your mouth down and then up. This exercise, your neck should not be carried in the form of a hump. If you did the exercise exactly, you need to do the same movement with the other arm and your leg.

The rotation and stretching middle back exercise: extend both sides of your hands and extend your chest while doing this movement to be as much as you can give attention to keeping close to the ground.

Leaning back and the waist from side to side Crunches: Scoliosis is one of the most important exercises in between exercises. In this exercise your right arm over your head to the left until you feel the tension right you should lie down.

Stretching exercises: another important move for the correction of scoliosis with the right side of your head and hold your hand with your other hand reached for your waist after you move tilt your head until you feel a slight tension.

Hamstring stretching exercises: Scoliosis exercise in the next exercise your right leg in toward your groin while standing in a straight line that you will fold your other leg exercise.You must not bend your spine until you feel tension in the region.

Rotational motion: one of the most used exercises in scoliosis bring you to your knees and your arms to your sides with your feet shape that is open adjacent the exercise. Your knees turn to the left, the other to the opposite side of your head until you feel tension in that order flip. Afterwards, release and relax.

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Negative Effects On The Internal Organs Of The Curvature Of The Spine

  • Constitutes an obstacle to the breathing system.
  • Dirty causes a decrease in the rate of oxygen in the blood.
  • Reduces the oxygen intake of the tissues.
  • The circulatory system also may be disrupted.


Scoliosis (Curvature Of The Spine) Symptoms

Just a beginner at home if the symptoms of scoliosis can be understood and controlled. For instance, the familiar posture of the upper part of your body and stand naked in front of the mirror look at your shoulders. If you have spinal problems, if below your shoulders than the other one. The curvature of your spine when you ducked from the knees forward can be noticed by the relatives.


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Scoliosis (Curvature Of The Spine) Treatment

Scoliosis treatment; disease of an individual’s living age, according to the size and type of scoliosis is performed.

The curvature of the spine of the Individual 1 or 2. when the surgical procedure without the application of above level can be treated. With this treatment, the individual with the patch, a steady diet of essential vitamins, minerals, calcium and protein, it is very important for you to get. To do sports at the same time becomes a part of your life, it is necessary to sleep on a bed rather hard and the soft beds. For sitting chairs, used desks should fit your height.Experts also control corset should be used.

Scoliosis Blocking Paths

  • Especially in front of my computer and TV don’t stay stationary long.
  • Between work stand up, walk a few steps. Remain standing for a while.
  • Do not store your feet will always be in the same way. Move, I want to stretch.
  • Which is the right fit for the lifestyle yourself get used to sitting upright.

For Bone Development Until The End Of

Curvature of the spine also does not show development when bone growth is complete.Individuals over the age of 20 it is impossible to get rid of scoliosis. However, in this case, you can reduce the effects of scoliosis and swimming through a variety of exercises.

Brace and scoliosis Varieties

Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) disease at the beginning of the treatment in a corset.Scoliosis brace offers great benefits in the treatment of many patients. Well, any corset can we use this treatment? Tracking no! Because every corset appropriate treatment facility. Of scoliosis Scoliosis brace scoliosis brace types, so in some cases we offer…

skolyoz korsersi - Scoliosis (Curvature Of The Spine) What Is It & What Are Scoliosis Exercises?

The Best Types Of Scoliosis Corset

1. Thoraco-Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis

Scoliosis Boston brace in the treatment of the most widely used. At the same time as the underarm brace is used.

In general, a waist or back-waist resultant curves of the spine is used.

Are produced entirely from plastic and are custom manufactured to fit exactly to the child’s body.

The varieties of this corset 23 hours in the day average is used.

2. CTLSO (Cervico-Thoraco-Lumbo-sacral Orthosis) brace or Milwaukee

Corset thoraco which is similar to a corset. In the treatment of scoliosis , whether it is attached to a ring of the neck that is used for this corset, the corset is connected with the metal rods into the body of this ring.

This corset 23 hours on average.

3. Charleston Bending Brace

Scoliosis bracing is only used when the bodice of used during sleep. This is the average time 8 hours.

In general, the waist or the back-they are used on the resultant curvature waist.

Entirely made of plastic, these scoliosis brace, the child’s body can be fully seated.

4. SpineCor System

This corset is different from others. A dynamic corset for the spine allow it to move is called.

Just scorset in the treatment of mackerel are used


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