Sleeplessness (insomnia) what would it be? To get to sleep..

insomnia treatment - Sleeplessness (insomnia) what would it be? To get to sleep..

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Almost everyone’s life during a period of insomnia or long-term could find a solution that is a problem. Sleep, physical strength, mental activity, psychological status, and immune health is of vital importance. A good night’s sleep as it will give strength to the body both psychologically and adds to the morale of people. However, 80 percent of people suffered sleep problems has been proven by scientific research.

A hot bath, drinks milk, and is one of the methods most frequently used drugs to fall asleep. However, these methods are temporary and often continues in a state of insomnia. That doesn’t close the eyes for hours, sleep hours divided by the Golden recommendations for those who fall asleep, even though he was sleepy and somehow we’ve compiled.

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Breathe through the left nostril!

Insomnia and menopausal disorders with extreme temperatures this is the yoga method of attracting womenis the perfect place for s. Lie on your left side and close your right nostril. Begin to breathe slowly and deeply through the left nostril.

Stretch and relax!

Squeeze all the muscles relax and you can get ready to sleep lying on your back. For this method; “a little take slow breaths, bend your right knee and release your foot. Breathe again, your calf muscles, then your thighs, hips, belly, chest, your firm, your arms, etc. squeezed me until you’re up your body until the muscles tighten and then relax and unwind one by one.”

Fight with endless sleep!

This method they call the paradox of sleep experts. In this method, open your eyes while you fall to sleep out of spite, and ‘I won’t sleep’ repeat the word. These words, as goes the brain, the sleep instruction, the reason is the negative of the brain is not good.

Put your mind and your day!

In the day where you went, recall the events and conversations that you make; that you will make the reckoning in mind, the concern diminishes and can help prepare you mentally for sleep.

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Avert your eyes!

According to experts, to mimic the involuntary movements made while in the sleep state, it assists with the release of the sleepy hormone melatonin. One of the acts performed while in the sleep state is turning in their pupils. Close your eyes and turn three times.

Imagine that!

Using at least three senses in which this method is called visualization meditation the only thing you need to do yourself or you feel it’s hard to imagine a place that you feel happy with. Sounds, tastes, smells, and, in short, with the senses. This will lead to sleep next that will bring physical and mental relaxation.

Whisper it to yourself!

Sit down on the bed and start taking deep breaths from the diaphragm. Chest push, and give breath to 6 times a burning feeling. Give your focus entirely on your breath, and wait for a few seconds after 6 breaths. Then whisper these words to yourself; “I’m ready to sleep…”

Bedtime sensitive spots

Certain acupuncture points in the body, has a therapeutic effect for different problems from each other. The two extremes are hitting who brought sleep here, if that will be enough to go to sleep. Here, those three dots;

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“Put it in the spot between the eyebrows above your nose, your fingers, here’s a slight indentation. For 20 seconds, hold briefly and repeat two more times to leave.”

“Sit on the edge of the bed and place your right foot your left knee. Locate the slight indentation with your finger between the second toe and press in the same way.”

“Supports your right foot while your finger right under the second toe on the top of locate. Using your thumb and index finger of your right hand, place your finger gently squeeze.”

Make a list of concern

Insomnia is a major cause of worry by reviewing what needs to be done in bed. Write down your list before going to bed, you can forget until the next day. You can think you’re filling your thoughts in a cabinet. Helping you become calm and fall asleep.

You find the trigger in their sleep!

You sleep a good sleep, you will create this trigger can be anything in a period. You will make your body and mind to kosullayar you can call this method at the time of applying you back to sleep insomnia. For example, before sleep, rub your cheek, play with your hair, etc. get things done, no matter what and just focus on how this action makes you feel. A couple during the night, your body is sleepy he will convince your body to learn to associate it with sleep and repeat.

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