Stephen Hawking’s Theory Of resurrection

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Stephen Hawking’s Theory Of resurrection

2278 756832 8f359d0965e16c9052442b7f8761140e 300x308 - Stephen Hawking's Theory Of resurrectionWorldwide recognized famous physicist, Stephen Hawking, the theory still continues to be spoken evrenbilimci of the Apocalypse. In 2000 scientists arguing that it would destroy his theory, which is nature itself, especially the Mars Curiosity robot sent to space, the smartest came up again. Hawking’s theories on Mars, NASA already has launched efforts to strengthen also. 64-year-old British theoretical physicist Hawking is in a wheelchair due to Lou Gehrig’s disease evrenbilimci a way in which we live. She did not speak, he couldn’t move his thoughts by a piece of software that reads and share ideas. However, you cannot go in front of these obstacles his genius. In fact, the ” doomsday theory put forward in 2000, there was an incident in explaining this theory interesting on television for the first time.The subtitle of global warming in Antarctica news when he told a television channel on the continent, the ice break the news of a very large mass passed. This was a mountain of ice and ice had an area of 17 square kilometers. Upon this, the announcer of what Hawking said is very realistic and stressed that the warnings should be taken seriously.

Scientists need to keep up the pace of Hawking in this program, most of the universe a thousand years left to live, he said. Because of this, people should emigrate to new habitable planets. This theory has the support of many scientists that is relevant to this topic. When Hawking proposed this theory in the last 100 years says more or less cut natural events and resolves where it is going. So, this theory indicates that you have reached based on these events. Stephen Hawking’s theory of judgment’ in forming the basis of what the most important events are listed as follows:

2278 kiyamet nasil olacak 56809 b 300x205 - Stephen Hawking's Theory Of resurrection1.) The storms that occurred in South America,
2.) In Britain, flood events,
3.) Breakaway poles on the ice-mountains,
4.) Felt very severe drought in Asia,
5.) Storm and the Hurricanes in Central America,
6.) Given the name el Nino climate change ( climate change which caused floods in the United States ),
7.) Fatal epidemic diseases that occurred due to drought in Africa and Asia.

Compared to Stephen Hawking years is estimated.
Events that occur between 2000-2400 years expects to: climate change puts these estimates in downtown el Nino. This is due to climate change, many will develop the disease. Tornadoes and hurricanes will increase. The greenhouse effect will become more severe. Changes in vegetation will occur due to sudden temperature changes. Raw disasters will increase. Glaciers melt and floods will increase. If he continues this level of warming, the maximum in 400 years there won’t be snow in Alpine mountains.

2278 yazir46981b500 300x230 - Stephen Hawking's Theory Of resurrectionBetween the years 2400-2500 estimates:during these years the southern hemisphere will experience disasters. The waters of the oceans will rise. In contrast, drought in Southern Europe will be faced with. Northern Europe will fight with floods. Massive migrations from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere will take place.

Between 2500-2800 years estimates: due to live migration of the Great War will come out. 2 glaciers will melt completely in the hemisphere and the land will be under water. Natural resources will dry up.

After 2800 years estimates: the earth’ s atmosphere will change. Occupy a universe of sulfuric acids. Won’t turn into a planet like Mars and live.

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