Stone Made With Cactus

taşlarla tablo 650x650 - Stone Made With Cactus

 Stone Made With Cactus

From the street, not knowing what to do with the smooth stones found in the sea or the gardens, the house in depolayan, are you ready? Now it’s time for us to remove the stones from the store. We’ll show you a way to do cute cacti with stones.

Moreover, your child, your niece or your students, where you can spend quite a pleasant time together with it’s an activity. So, without further ado, let’s get started. First, we need the supplies count;

  • malzemeler 300x225 - Stone Made With Cactus
    Visual: salt and pepper Moms

    Stones of various sizes

  • Small pots
  • Chichewa moss
  • Craft paint /white shades and Yesil)
  • Medium-sized and thin brushes

The thick bladed paint the exterior surfaces with the ones we brush our stones, we’ll draw the necessary patterns to make it look like a cactus with thin ones. When it comes to paint colors, you can choose shades Yesil. Realism will help you get better results in terms of more than one ton. However, if you can use the white color to achieve shades of green.


First let’s start by washing our stones. On soil, mud or any dirt that isn’t cleaned up until we’re sure.

The stones are then put into our pots. To obtain this measurement, we do that after painting we fall into error about where to place the stones in which we won’t. In which to put the stones in the pot to be sure that we were going to experiment, which is extremely important.

ta%C5%9Flarla kakt%C3%BCs e1503949559900 650x312 - Stone Made With Cactus
Visual: salt and pepper Moms

The stones are each different in tone Yesil paint. The stones are 80% of the paint and do not paint the bottom side. This non-painted portion embedded in the ground like the roots of consider. After this process you’ll obtain Yesil dark or light gems, and we’ll leave it to dry.

After the stone is completely dry, Put a fine point brush on the tiles with spots and dots asymmetric in a row; open Yesil Yesil dark paint strips you can draw the rocks you like a slice of watermelon.

saks%C4%B1da ta%C5%9Ftan kakt%C3%BCsler e1503950162189 650x380 - Stone Made With Cactus
Visual: salt and pepper Moms

Then completely dry the stones after stones inside the pot, we’re starting to put our small. We also mix our these stones the moss between the top of the photo as it is in our great stones you can use to protect. We have cactus here’s the stone! Front door and window to the garden table, in front of your bathroom mirror, in short, you can place it anywhere you like, you can catch a pretty sight.


You can do with other stone handcrafted products

Trim the pot with small stones

ta%C5%9Flarla saks%C4%B1 - Stone Made With Cactus
Visual: instructables

By wrapping it around your balcony garden or your pots with stones, you can add a more natural air. The materials you need for this;

  • Pots or planters
  • Plant you want to grow
  • Plants potting soil
  • Stones
  • Glue gun

What you need to do is quite simple. Turn over and squeeze the glue onto the rocks you will use the pot cover the pot and index. If you could set it so there won’t be any gaps between the stones will be a much better visual. Also, during this process, you can burn your hand unless you are careful with the glue. After the glue is completely dry on the rocks in your soil by filling the pot your plant is in flower, you can.

Table with stones
ta%C5%9Flarla tablo 650x650 - Stone Made With Cactus
Visual: Pinterest

With 3 stones you can find dimensional tables. The tables of stone that will add color to your home each pane as a separate gift to your loved ones. The materials necessary for this;

  • Canvas
  • Acrylic paint
  • Stones of various sizes
  • Tree branches
  • Thin-and thick-tipped brushes
  • Glue

Let’s done. First, you need to paint your canvas. In this example, the object conceived with the aim to use the moon as Night Vision. Of course, if you want to use the sun instead of the moon, you can paint a lighter sky. A painting of cascading color and made with a touch of a thin brush to give the appearance of stars in the sky.

It’s time to paint the canvas kuruyadur stones. Stones, gems owl, large and small, long, thin leaves and gems that will round stone a month is going to be selected. While it was left to dry for months with only a flat round stone painted in white painted light green, long, thin white stones and the owl painted stones left to dry.

The stones after drying, the leaf will be dark lines on the stone rocks and the owl Yesil, other details can be added. Fine point here as little as possible because you have to work carefully with a brush when drawing the details of the owl may lose all the enthusiasm a few small error that can have negative consequences.

The stones after it has dried completely, glue the canvas with a tree branch or then the stones are sticking to the bark of the tree. Here’s our table is ready!

There are so many options to a stone table, and by examining samples, even when it’s not an excellent idea to mind you can do wonders.

ta%C5%9F tablo - Stone Made With Cactus
Visual: Pinterest

You can often find tables as you can see, even without actually a very artistic touch.

ta%C5%9Flar ile tablo e1503953949228 650x289 - Stone Made With Cactus
Visual: Pinterest

At this table, the canvas used spatulas instead of wood. Once pasted to each other with glue spatulas are beautifully painted, glued and painted them with stones, their home in the form of a crescent-shaped Moonstone completed with painted. Have taken their place as the fine details of small colorful stones.

%C3%A7er%C3%A7eve i%C3%A7erisinde ta%C5%9F tablo - Stone Made With Cactus
Visual: The Art Bored

Pretty simple, with small details that mirrored the beauty of minimallig to do the work. The table to the inside of the leaf, a thin branch, drawn with a black pencil, tiny feet and tiny stones with different colors stones and sited their beaks on the branches, leaves was placed unpainted in the same way. In a word, amazing isn’t it?

Sup stone, nihal, or MOP

ta%C5%9Flarla ev dekoru 650x366 - Stone Made With Cactus
Visual: Jupiter Free

Sup rocks, nihal, mats, Coasters or similar with each other and quite easy to make crafts. Moreover, the variety of materials you use is also quite less. You can use a nihale that has to do with nihal. In this way, the both pastes can evaluate nihale the stones much easier. Let her explain the order of operations to be performed outside.

You will first use the stones, of course we’re nicely wash and drying. Then using the glue gun, the stones are sticking to each other or to a surface. If a square, symmetric shapes such as round can be quite handy if you are going to having a bottom surface. After using the stones it is ready to use!

Romantic candle holder with stones and mirror frame

ta%C5%9Flarla %C3%A7er%C3%A7eve ve mumluk - Stone Made With Cactus
Visual: Michaels Stores
  • Wood frame (mirror)
  • Plain glass candle holder
  • Beach sand
  • Colored stones
  • Thin rope yarn
  • Glue

Well, I finally have a romantic do-it-yourself product arrived. With autumn theme, which can capture simultaneously this summer, suggesting that there are two products candle holder frame washing and drying as usual, we start the construction of our stones.

It dries glue the rope around the rope tied it around the pin with glass stones mumlug are sticking. Mumlug from the beach in the sand and fill it up we got the photo we’re going to put a candle on it. So we will be able to fit the PIN candle or the candle stone. Here important you must use a real candle. Because fire-resistant, we need to make a candle holder. Mumlug we are ready! Now in the frame. In your wooden frame mirror or mirror of the appropriate size are sticking. Sticking with glue our stones around the bezel to cover your complete subsequently.A romantic decor and gifts here that you can do in only 10 minutes!

With stones in your home you can do wonders. In your home for unused frames, pots, mats, and even create new items by using the ropes you can use them with pleasure, or you can gift them.




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