Stress spils Hair

stress hair - Stress spils Hair

Many factors lie under the hair loss seen in men and women for centuries. Experts say there are many reasons for this disease that is more common in men than women. Stress-induced hair loss can be seen in the experts, the person’s psychological reactions to this situation also warns that the hair loss will trigger. For example, the death of a loved one, separation from lover, loss of work, acute and severe stress can lead to dramatic, rapid, severe hair loss.

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Hair loss can be seen in both men and women, experts say, the main reason under this health problem is “stress” can be. Hair loss in men is seen more often than women, experts say, this health problem until the age of 25, 25 percent of men up to the age of 40, 40 percent until the age of 50, noting that it affects 50 percent. “The relationship between skin diseases and stress and mental events has been known since the past. The person can reflect psychological difficulties, personal or familial problems in a dermatological problem. In addition, a self-formed skin problem (hair loss) in person to undermine the body image of individual, psychological disorders; It can even lead to psycho-social negativity, “experts say, emphasising that there may be two kinds of relationships between hair loss and stress. According to experts, this relationship is as follows:

“The first relationship can consist of hair loss, which is fueled by stress, without the apparent organic cause of a neurotic spiritual structure. The second relationship is the psychological reactions that the person develops against the appearance of hair loss. ”

Experts say that “hair loss type” must be examined by a physician before the treatment of hair loss. Because it can be caused by many diseases, as well as hormonal, methodical and nutritional effects, hair is poured. It is never possible to cure 100 percent without eliminating them.

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The experts who pointed out that the various measures related to hair loss on the surface of stress shock stress in Sırma hair are based on ancient dates, and that medical literature is filled with examples of dramatic hair loss resulting from sudden and serious stress Recording. The death of a loved one, separation from lover, loss of work, acute and severe stress can lead to dramatic, fast, severe hair loss. In medicine, it is called “telogenous effluvium” which is triggered by stress. Chronic, insidious, slow-trending hair loss, as well as external influences, psychoconevrhosis and chronic anxiety (anxiety) are also effective. Here, the hair follicles are thought to have a response to stress from the anagenic stage to the telogenous phase, through premature precipitation.

Experts in medicine, “alopecia areata” for the hair breaker gives the following information:

“The size of the coin, i.e. 2-2.5 cm diameter circular hair loss. Both sexes can occur. Most cases pass by themselves. Psycho-social stresses are effective in the emergence of this disease. Especially in the examinations performed in pediatric patients, children were confronted with negative life events in the period before hair loss. ”

The main event underlying the hair loss after psychological stress is the complex interaction between the psycho-neuroendocrine system and immune systems. So immune system; It is triggered by the effects of psychological events and ultimately hair loss occurs.

The second relationship between stress and hair loss is psychological problems caused by hair loss; It’s called stress. Various psychological measurements made in people who spilled hair revealed that emotions such as “self-sense, body image, self-esteem and confidence” affected the situation.

Experts say how women and men living in hair loss are greeted by:

“In studies performed in men and women with hair loss, hair loss in males, depression, introspective, excessive irritability, negative consequences such as decreased self-consciousness, while the daily lives in women are negative and social problems. That men can actively cope with this situation; However, women have been found to be more difficult to cope with, as they are given cultural and personal special meanings such as sexual identity, sexuality and charm. These types of people are more tense and shy in the community, keeping their necks more upright (causing neck pain), often apply to methods such as washing and drying hair. Consequently, they are individuals with stressful, tense, psychological problems. This condition should be taken into consideration in the treatment concept. Drug treatment can be applied if psychosoyal support is needed, such as information on treatment, empathic listening and improvement of behaviors

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