Sunburn and Treatment

sunburn e1560763774560 - Sunburn and Treatment


Although the sun is very rich and beneficial in vitamin D, when you are exposed to the sun’s rays too much stains and pain are felt on the skin. If the sun burns too much; firstly, we should not wear clothes that hang our body. It is necessary to rub the skin with a cream like yogurt.The same can be done in children. Children should never be given aspirin in the case of sunburn. 

sunburn e1560763774560 - Sunburn and Treatment

Water burns; cortisone cream should be used. This cream has water absorption and soothing properties. It is also very important to consume plenty of fluids in general sun burns.

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sunburn treament e1560763843671 - Sunburn and TreatmentAfter this process, the sun burns go to the peeling process. In order to prevent peeling, almond oil or petroleum jelly, which is available in pharmacies, undergoes the peeling process but only delays this process in case of excessive burns. The right thing is to remove the dead skin from the body by gently peeling in the shower when the skin peeling process is completely dry and does not hurt. 
Sunburn can cause permanent damage to the skin. Permanent mole formation can cause staining. These moles get darker as time goes on, getting older and even growing as we get older. When we are exposed to excessive sun burns, these moles can cause skin cancer.

Therefore, even before 3 months, sunscreen and preservatives should be used. Even when we go out in the summer, we should protect our face and skin with creams and use vaseline and moisturizers.

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