Symptoms and treatment of cholera

Cholera - Symptoms and treatment of cholera

What are the symptoms of cholera cholera the news about the cause and how you can learn about how we protect against to help. We know cholera is caused by a bacterium have been wondering about

We hear a lot, and we know that cholera is caused by a bacterium of cholera, compiled in our article about what you need to know first What, Why, where, and explain the symptoms and then we will talk about ways of treatment and Prevention.


What Is Cholera?

Vibrio cholerae infection of the small intestine that is caused by a bacterium by the name of cholera in abundant watery diarrhea is observed, although in severe cases, dehydration and can lead to death. Bacterial intestinal infection which is outbreaks of cholera.Some types to the epidemic is available.

kolera salgini - Symptoms and treatment of cholera

What Is The Incidence Of Cholera?

As is customary observed the cholera in India, has been taken under control with improvement of environmental conditions in other parts of the world.

Cholera Causes?

Contaminated (infected) food or water taken in the mouth of the cholera bacteria in the small intestine that occurs as a result of interference develop. Cleaning, eating and drinking that is related to a disease. So determining the conditions of the country.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Cholera?

Diarrhea often accompanied by vomiting starting after 1-5 days of the receipt of the cholera bacteria. Because there is more fluid loss, severe dehydration and death can occur if this fluid is replaced within hours. The thing that causes fluid loss, the cholera bacteria into the intestine produced by passage of the fluid in the vessel, and a toxin that increases at a greater rate.

What Is The Treatment For Cholera?

The treatment of cholera, oral rehydration with fluids is made and thus is intended to be recycled. In severe cases, however, rehydration fluids given intravenously. Antibiotic medicines, can be shortened the duration of diarrhea and helps in the destruction of the infection. Adequate rehydration (re-liquids), usually with complete recovery is achieved.

What Are The Ways Of Prevention Of Cholera?

Cholera, water to drinking water by preventing the waste to reach the C- stage has been taken under control with the improvement of health conditions in the whole world. Prevention of cholera cholera is one of the most effective ways to present those who travel to areas where boiled or drink bottled water only from trusted sources. Also another measure is for those who travel to areas local or widespread epidemic. For these people, oral cholera vaccines are available, but are not very high cholera vaccines both safe and long-term.Cholera vaccine cholera is a major problem in the destination country so if it’s because you have to make and it provides protection for that period that covers the period.

Vaccine cholera, however, cholera in that country, and the measures to be taken, if considered necessary, should be made. Before you go 14 days before should be vaccinated.It should be known that the vaccine is not always protective. It is important to note therefore necessary hygienic measures.

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Located in our news, written and visual content that was created is a letter of suggestions and information to be compiled from different sources. Constitutes the definitive diagnosis and treatment. In the face of any health problem contact your doctor.

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